JioHealth Hub announces partnership with iCliniq

Jio Health india

Jio has made a diversification in the mobile market and now has entered the broadband market. It has also entered the health management but has not seen much success yet.

Reliance Jio has a health and fitness app named as JioHealth Hub. JioHealth Hub has announced it’s partnership with an online website that provides medical facilities 24*7, named as iCliniq. This allows JioHeath Hub users to seek medical consultation of doctors on this online platform. JioHealth Hub app provides doctors from 60 different medical industry. Through this app, the users can connect to the doctors immediately.

iCliniq was founded in 2010, Coimbatore. It was an online medical consultation organization. This online platform connects the users with the doctors for online consultation. Now Reliance Jio will help users to connect with the doctors through iCliniq. Reliance Jio also enhances its app JioHealth Hub by adding video chat feature for the users to connect with the doctor for a better experience through iCliniq.

iCliniq CEO Dhruv Suyamprakasam commented on the Jio partnership, “Jio is disrupting the market of Indian healthcare. Its capabilities are huge”.

Expansion plans of Jio

Jio has signed a partnership with a company from Mumbai that provides home health care service, named Portea. The company was established in 2015, and allows users to contact health care professionals including doctors who can give medical treatment at your home. With iCliniq and Portea’s support, JioHealth Hub can medically treat the users both at home and online. Under a single platform, Jio will be able to give assistance to its users both online and at home.

JioHealth Hub is also integrating other healthcare platforms in fitness and health segment. This is not only the platform Jio is entering. They have bigger plans to enter into Media and Education sectors soon. Jio is also going to start Jio GigaFirbre Internet registrations starting from 15 August 2018.


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