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Google, known for its world class search engine and various other services including e-mail service (Gmail), Play Store(Google Play Store), Chat application (Google Hangouts), storage space (Google Drive) and many more. For many years, Google has maintained its reputation as the best in the world when it comes to online services.

Google Developer Training


The Times Of India stated that as per information available on the official website of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), nearly 31 Million Indians are jobless.

CP Gurnani, CEO & MD of Tech Mahindra had recently said that 94% of engineering graduated were not fit for hiring. The Aspiring Minds study claimed that only 4.77 percent candidates could write the correct logic for a programme—a minimum requirement for any programming job. In a world that demands high level coding skills, majority of Indian students can hardly write a code that compiles without error. It is high time that Indian youth starts running after knowledge and not just a degree or marks.

Every company needs talented, hardworking employees and that’s how a company becomes successful. Google is playing the employee game in the best way possible, and it is one of the main reasons for it being regarded as a dream company to work. Google has come forward to help Indian youth gain the right skills for the future.

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Google, through its Google Developers Training Program, is providing tech-loving people with various courses which help in developing skills. In this article, I’ll explain everything about the program in detail.

What is Google Developers Program?

It is an end-to-end training program created by experts from Google for beginners as well as experienced developers. Online courses and materials provided by the experts can help you get Google Developers Certification to showcase your skills.

  • Android App Development
  • App Development for Beginners
  • Android Basics Nanodegree
  • Web Development
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Training
  • Machine Learning
  • Certification

Android App Development

Google Android Certification

With Google Developers Training, Google is providing android app development for people with all levels of knowledge.

App Development for Beginners

This course is for people new to android development. This beginner level course is a free and self-paced course which teaches to develop your first application from scratch with essential functions. It includes user input, interface, networking, data storage, and multi-screen apps.

Android Basics Nanodegree

Android Nanodegree

Google has collaborated with Udacity, a known platform for gaining coding skills, to provide a Nano-degree in android development. No experience is required here as well, but this course is not free. The classroom sessions start from October 23. You can find more details about it here.

At this course on Udacity, use code: UPGRADENOW and get Flat Rs.10,000 Off, Free Resume Services,1:1 Session with Experts.

Kotlin Development

Kotlin is a programming language which is regarded as an alternative to Java for Android development. The best thing about it is that even though it is an alternative to Java, it works perfectly well in projects were Java and Kotlin both are used. Kotlin is the future of Android development. You can check the course here.

Android Development For Experienced Developers

Google is not only providing android courses for beginners but also giving expert sessions for experienced developers to increase their knowledge and skill level.

Android Developer Fundamentals (V2)

This course starts with basics like Hello world and then teaches you intermediate topics like Job scheduling, update settings and much more. The only requirement for this Intermediate level session is that one must know Java. You can check it here.

Advanced Android Development

In this advanced level course for developers, you’ll learn features like custom views, animations, and geo features. Each lesson here covers a tutorial with solution code in GitHub, theory documentation, and a slide deck. You can check it here.

Developing Android Apps

In this Intermediate, you’ll be learning to create a weather app, so you gain good experience while learning. You can access it here.

Advanced Android App Development

It is a follow-on course to Developing Android Apps which teaches you about Google’s app-guidelines as you launch and publicize your app in the market. You can access this free, self-paced session here.

Android Development Nanodegree

It is an advanced level android development nano-degree by Udacity in collaboration with Google. Its recommended that if you start this session, you must complete Android Basics Nanodegree mentioned above first. None of the nano-degree is free, and it is an advanced level course which you can access here.

UX Design for Mobile Developers

If you go to play store and search for top apps, they all have one thing in common, beautiful design and looks! An eye-catching design is one of the secrets for the success of apps. In this course for beginners, learn techniques to plan, design, and prototype your mobile apps before you even start to write any code and you can access it here.

Material Design for Android

Looks alone does not hold any accountability, a good app is also all about what happens when the user clicks on buttons in-app or scrolls. In this Intermediate level session, learn how to apply material design principles to build appealing, attractive interfaces for your Android apps. Access the course here.

Android Performance

The overall performance of your app decides whether your app stays in the user’s phone for long after being downloaded or not. If your app occupies much space in user’s phone, is slow or drains too much of battery from user’s phone, it is likely that your app will be deleted very soon after being downloaded once.

In this Advanced level android course, you learn to make an app quick and effective. In this course for developers, you will learn how to speed up rendering, optimize compute and memory operations, and decrease battery drain. Access it here.

Android TV and Google Cast Development

Android TV is the next big thing in the market. For the uninitiated, Android TV is TV running on Android OS with features similar to your Android phone, for example, Amazon Fire TV. It is essential to learn how to extend your existing Android app to work on Android TV and Google Cast if you want users to use your app from TV as well. You can access this advanced level course here.

Google Developers Certification FOR ANDROID DEVELOPMENT

The Associate Android Developer Exam illustrates the type of skill that an entry-level Android Developer should have as they launch their profession.

By passing this performance-based exam and earning the Associate Android Developer Certification, you prove that you’re qualified and skilled in tasks that a developer typically performs and you can sign up for it here.

Web Development

With Google Developers Training, Google provides training in Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). These require some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Courses for beginners and experts both are available. Most of the classes are free and self-paced. You can find them here.

Intro to Progressive Web Apps

Learn to fetch and collect data through APIs, and make Progressive Web App installable on the home screen in this free, beginner level self-paced, the online course here. Here, you will make a weather app that works offline.

Developing Progressive Web Apps

This Intermediate level course is offered at selected locations offline. For self-study purpose, the material is also available online. Get more details here.

Learn Web Accessibility

When you create a web-app, you must remember that people of all age groups, differently abled people may use your app. In this course, you’ll learn why you should make your apps more accessible and how to do it effectively. Access the course here.

Responsive Web Apps

Have you ever came across apps that are not the same on the phone, tablet and the PC? If yes, you know very well how bad that looks for your brand/company. Many people nowadays ignore this aspect, but it is crucial, and you can access the Intermediate level course here.

Responsive Images

Imagine uploading an image on your app which appears in different size and clarity on various devices like tablet and mobile phone. In this Intermediate, you learn how to create beautiful images in HTML5 so that they are compatible with all appliances and load quickly. You can access it here.

Client-Server Communications

Learn advanced level HTTP concepts, organize networking, solving security issues in this advanced level course here.

HTML 5 Game Development

Since browsers are faster than ever and supporting multiple features, it is possible to develop games in HTML5. In this course, learn to build GRITS, an HTML5 game here.

Mobile Web Specialist Certification

This exam will test your coding skills, debugging problems, auditing app performance and much more. This exam certifies you as a web-app developer for various platforms. You can find more information about it here.

Firebase Analytics

Firebase Analytics is an open, extensive analytics solution that lets you gather data about your users and how they interact with your app. You can access Firebase courses from here.

Firebase In A Weekend

In this short Intermediate level course, you’ll learn to set up apps better through authentication, notifications, and analytics. Check the course here for Android, and here for iOS.

Tech Entrepreneurship Training

Google is now providing entrepreneurship lessons for free. Classes include product design, app marketing, and design. You can find the details here.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is very important for the app of your business. A prototype provides you with the basic structure and visual idea of how will your app look and work when it will go live. Prototyping requires right strategies and deep thinking for creation which you can learn from the course here.

App Marketing

If you think you will develop an app, make it live on the app store and enjoy lots of downloads, then you are mistaken. Every app needs marketing to attract people. This Intermediate course teaches research, planning, execution of your app with marketing and maintaining it as well. You can access the course here.

App Monetization

This course explains to you how to effectively monetize your app with strategy through various means like running ads, in-app purchases, and many more ways. You can access the course here.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence which was seen only in films no longer a dream and is the future of our technological world. Machine learning is understanding how the machines can think and implement things like humans and it is a considerable part of Artificial Intelligence. Google is currently providing a crash course with TensorFlow APIs.

The course contains 25 lessons, 40+ exercises, real-world case-studies, 15 hours of video lectures by Google experts.

1. A user must know basic algebra including concepts like coefficients, linear equations, graphs of functions, and histograms.
2. It would help if you were comfortable with coding in Python as most of the coding in this crash course will be done in Python.

Check the in-detail prerequisites here, and you may start the course here after you match all requirements.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the next step after understanding the Machine Learning in the world of AI. Google in collaboration with Udacity is providing this overview-course. In this Advanced level course, you’ll learn about designing intelligent systems.

This course lasts approximately three months and has following prerequisites:

1. Experience in Python programming.
2. Git and GitHub.
3. Mathematical statistics knowledge.
4. Completion Of Machine Learning course mentioned above.

You can get more information about the course and access it here. Knowledge in Machine Learning and Deep Learning is required if you aspire to understand and implement concepts of Artificial Intelligence in real life.


Once you pass an exam in any provided course, Google creates your certificate with name/badge and stores it in a centralized location which you can share on your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. You can get detailed information about documents here.

Google Developers Training is part of Grow with Google, a program which is helping people gain skills for the digital world of tomorrow. We hope that this article was helpful to guide you about the Google Developers Training. Stay tuned to The Telescope for the latest news and updates on trending topics.

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