Anushka Sharma Kohli was trolled on Twitter again

Anushka Sharma twitter trolled BCCI

Actress Anushka Sharma Kohli was once again trolled mercilessly as she was seen in a picture with Virat Kohli and Indian cricket team members. The snap was taken at the High Commission of India in London. The picture was shared on Twitter by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

The tweets were not at all happy seeing Anushka in the Indian cricket team photo standing in the front, while the Vice-Captain at the back. The High Commission hosted a lunch for the Indian test team. And, it is courtesy to invite the spouses of the players in such occasions.

Why was this fuss created over Anushka? It wasn’t any net practice sessions nor a team selection meeting. Also, it had nothing to do with the second test match practices against England.

Virat Kohli always acknowledges the positivity that Anushka gives him in personal and professional life. Virat is free to take his decision what is good/ bad for him, also has his own life outside cricket.

Virat knows well that Anushka was there with him in England tour and she always supports and encourages him for doing wonders. She brings out the best in him as an Indian captain and as a person.

It’s funny that now the trolls will tell Virat how he should pick up the bat and how he should go in his career.
One of the trolls mentioned Anushka as ‘item girl’. Let me tell you if this was a Women’s team, they would definitely have not tweeted rubbish if it was a women’s team player who had his spouse in the picture.
It is not a mandate by the BCCI to bring their spouses, it is the players own comfort level. Also, if Anushka was invited and she went there, then she will definitely come inthe pictures. Why is there a need to troll all the time?


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