Pakistan asks US to correct its remark on Terrorism, US rejects request

Mike Pompeo Imran Khan phone call

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s phone call to the newly appointed Pakistani PM Imran Khan has created a new controversy. According to the official statement from US, Mike Pompeo mentioned about the terrorists operating freely in Pakistan and asked Imran Khan to “take decisive action against all terrorists operating in Pakistan”. While Pakistan on the other hand termed the statement to be factually incorrect and asked US to correct it.

Following this, US released another statement saying that it stands firmly on its earlier statement and is not going to alter it. Pakistan has apparently claimed that no such issue of terrorists operating in Pakistan ever came up in the conversation. Hence US should correct its statement.

Spokesperson for US, Heather Nauert said in an official statement that Pakistan is an important ally to US and Mike Pompea had a good call with Imran Khan and they look forward to having good relations with the newly elected.

Pakistani Foreign Minister took to twitter and asked US to correct its press release regarding the phone call conversation between US Secretary and Imran Khan stating that there was no mentioning of anything related to terrorists or terrorism.

Mike Pompea is supposed to visit Pakistan in first week of September to meet Imran Khan.

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