Niagara Falls to display Indian ‘tricolor’ on the occasion of Independence Day

India will be celebrating it’s 72nd Independence Day on Wednesday in the capital, New Delhi and all over the country. India got its Independence in the year 1947. Main event will be held in New Delhi at the historical Red Fort, which will be enlightened by the Prime Minister’s speech shown live on the TV and this year on the Google’s Homepage as well.

According to our sources, Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in Dubai lit up India’s tricolor flag to celebrate Republic day this year, which continued to lit up till the next day. The fountain shows along with the LED shows were also held, reported the sources.

Dubai also has the flag-hoisting ceremony by the Indian Consulate at the consulate premises by Anurag Bhushan, Consul General which is followed by the flag-hosting at the Indian High School Grounds in Oud Metha.

Following is a video from last year’s Independence Day celebrations at Canada’s Niagara Falls.

The sources also told that the cultural program was then held by the theme “Aaj ki shaam, desh ke naam” where the students had the folk dance of different cultures in India with a march past by the students at the school grounds. This program also gave patronage to Indian cuisine.

Like Dubai, Canada also lit up Niagara falls, world’s largest waterfalls in the color of India’s National Flag having three lovely colors of Saffron, White, and Green on the eve of 70th Independence Day. Canada always had peaceful relations with India except for that one dark spot in history which is known by the name Komagata Maru Incident in 1914, where Canadians under the influence of Britishers, denied entry to many Indians who sailed all the way from India to Canada. Canada later apologized for this from India.

According to our sources, “Niagara falls illuminated in the colors of Indian National flag for 15 minutes i.e; 10-10:15 pm New York time, on the occasion of Independence Day”. The Indian community in Canada was very excited to congratulate India this way. Also, the sources said, they hosted the Indian flag in a place named, Buffalo.


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