Mangkhut Typhoon Videos showing extreme destruction it caused

Mangkhut typhoon videosAfter moving past Hong Kong, Mangkhoot typhoon has hit southern China. The deadly typhoon had already taken the lives of more than 64 people in Philippines due to landslides and floods. The storm sustained the winds with 100mph or 160 kilometers per hour. Buildings were collapsed, trees were downed, homes were buried in landslides, and flights were canceled as the storm hit China.

Mangkhut videos

According to the authorities, about 2.4 million people have been evacuated from Guangdong till now. Mangkhut is being called the ‘King of Storms’ by China Central Television. The storm surges as high as 3 meters. Everything has been come to halt as people are running to save their lives. Schools have been shut, public transportation has been suspended and the authorities are evacuating people to safer places.

#China right now under #Typhoon!

Posted by The Telescope on Sunday, September 16, 2018

The strong winds shattered the window glasses, ripped off the roofs and buildings are flooded with waist-deep waters. Mangkhut is the category five super typhoon that hit the northern end of the Philippine island of Luzon on Saturday.

The typhoon is now moving inland and is expected to cause more damage in China.

Typhoon in China

Posted by The Telescope on Sunday, September 16, 2018

Another Mangkhut Typhoon video shows a high crane hanging loose under the effect of fast blowing winds.

A loose crane + 200kmph typhoon Mangkhut in China

Posted by The Telescope on Sunday, September 16, 2018

According to the Government’s Natural Disaster Council, about 2,50,000 people in Luzon have been affected and the numbers are just rising.

Jerome Balinton, a spokesman for Save the Children, who was also in Luzon said, “The further north we traveled the more extensive the damage, particularly in Cagayan province. House after house had been flattened or badly damaged, with roofs or walls missing. Large trees have been uprooted from the ground and power poles bent right over, leaving power lines strewn across the ground. In some areas where the eye of the storm hit, it seems as if nothing has been left undamaged.”

In Philippines, a small mining town of Itogon witnessed the death of 33 miners as they got buried under the landslide.

The Mangkhut typhoon is expected to weaken by tomorrow. Authorities have issued a warning urging people to stay indoors and away from windows.


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