What is Indian Army OLX Scam- How to safeguard yourself from fraud on OLX

olx indian army scamThe Internet has made the buying and selling process easier. Customers can explore the wide market across the world and choose the best products for themselves. And similarly, the market for sellers is not confined to a particular geographical place. One can buy and sell to anybody from any part of the world. There are several e-commerce platforms where buyers and sellers can come in direct contact to make the transaction. People can now even buy and sell second-hand products on platforms like OLX.

What is Indian Army Scam on OLX?

OLX is a global online marketplace for buying and selling of goods and services like furniture, fashion items, electronics, cars, bikes, and much more. However, this platform is often used to commit frauds to cheat genuine buyers or sellers. Currently, some people are duping innocent people on OLX in the name of The Indian Army. People cheat customers saying that they live in another city as they work in the Indian army and want to sell their mobile phone.  They also show fake ID cards and give false details about them being posted in a particular place and hold a rank in the Indian Army. They then ask the people to either pay some amount in advance or else ask for Rs 500 or Rs 1000 as courier charges. People don’t mind giving the amount and they also trust them as they show them the fake courier receipts. After the customer transfers Rs 500-1000, they then block the customers who neither receive the products nor do they get the money back. And since the amount is small, people don’t bother to file a complaint as well.  It is shameful to know that people are committing fraud in the name of the Indian Army, thus, demeaning the prestigious institute.

The fraudsters do not always pose as sellers. Sometimes they dupe people posing as customers. There have been several incidents where a person claiming to be living outside India shows an interest in buying an item for a family person or friend as a gift. He sends a fake receipt from the bank showing he has transferred the amount to the seller. As the seller doesn’t receive the amount, the fraudster says that the transaction will take time as it is an overseas transaction. In the meantime, the seller couriers the product to the buyer.

Though it is a good platform for buyers and sellers, people are misusing it to dupe innocent people. People who are new to the Internet are easy targets for such frauds. People should stay aware of such happenings and should deal with people with alertness. Make sure you don’t believe anyone on the Internet.

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