India’s Happiness Ranking dropped below Pakistan according to World Happiness Report

india happiness ranking reportAre you happy in India? Yes or No? You might have your own reasons but World Happiness Report says that Indians aren’t quite happy! Our nation stands at 140 out of 156 countries. Finland is the happiest followed by Denmark and Sudan. South Sudan is the saddest country. The rankings are based on economic, political and social issues within a country. Since all these issues further depend on the working of Government, therefore, this report has come out as a tool for opposition in India to criticise the Modi regime once again on entirely different grounds!

A clear message from the opposition that there has been intolerance and mob-lynching under the NDA government due to which nation seeks many riots and mass agitation. There is unemployment and poverty, corruption and hunger which has been scaring the Indians!

But does the report spill out the Reality?

What about our neighbors? Pakistan at 67! Can you imagine? A country with regular bombings, terrorist launchpads, bankruptcy like never before and still happier than India! Similarly, Venezuela ranked at 108, a country with sky-rocketing inflation rates, better than India?
India’s economy is growing like never before. World Bank and IMF have applauded the schemes and policies of the present government. India improved in Corruption Perception Index by three places and in Ease of Doing business too! Thus, with so many improvements in our nation, giving India such a low rank seems doubtful.

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