How to log Independent TV complaint against fraud promises? How To Complain to Independent TV Nodal Officer

Independent TV ComplaintsSubscribers of Independent TV DTH service have been facing a lot of service and implementation issues which are doing no good to the company’s reputation. In fact, consumers are frustrated and even approached TRAI with Independent TV complaints. Social media, consumer complaints’ sites are flooded with common Independent TV problems faced by consumers who are unattended. Subscribers of Independent TV feel cheated though the company is trying to resolve issues on the war front. Recently complaints of non-availability or freezing of channels have been resolved as claimed by the company on its website. But consumers still feel there is a lot to be done in order to restore the faith of the subscribers. I believe whosoever is reading this article will be able to correlate with the issues and daily challenges.

Nature of Independent TV complaints

Some of the common Independent TV complaints include – DTH not providing clarity or cheating on the tariff plans and their break up details of monthly charges. The frequently complained about is the blackout or disappearing of channels, lagging, freezing, error while operating, signal getting lost without pre-notice, set-top box not working, video and audio quality not good. Of late customers had started complaining about nonworking Star bouquet channels and Zee channels. There have been complaints regarding Independent TV customer service as well. Consumers feel they have been cheated by the company as it has not delivered what it promises. Imagine you planning to watch IPL match in the evening and Independent TV is unable to dish out. The customer care is not responsive in such situations which makes the frustration worse. Comments on my earlier posts show that Independent TV customer care has many issues. Some include incomplete service done, false promises and bad service, unresponsive behavior of the company, customer care not responding, not meeting deadlines of installation, no one to attend to complaints, etc. Subscribers have started demanding money refund after facing harassment!

Independent TV Complaint Online

The Company boasts of having a dedicated Customer Helpline for its subscribers. The same finds mention on its website and social media pages. Toll-Free Independent TV complaint number is 1800-200-90010120-6895601 and Email ID is [email protected]. On the official site, contact details of state wise, zone wise Compliance Officer and Nodal officers of all regions are given.

Customer Helpline Toll-Free number for Independent TV Complaints Online is difficult to reach as we hear from our readers and have experienced personally. Out of 100 calls, I was able to get through only once. So you can imagine the frustration level of a genuine subscriber.

How To Complain to Independent TV Nodal Officer?

If you have knocked all possible doors but found no solution to Independent TV complaints, don’t worry. TRAI has set up a national level escalation channel mechanism to handle such cases. TRAI has mandated all Telecom operators to appoint a nodal officer in the company. The role of the nodal officer is to handle complaints which have been not addressed within 24 to 48 hours by call center executives. The deadline for the nodal officer to resolve the problem is 24 to 48 hours. In case he is unable to provide a satisfactory resolution, you can claim for money refund for the duration of the issue you have faced. In case Nodal officer is unable to resolve you can knock the doors of TRAI. But before moving onto that, follow the procedure of

  • Contact Customer Care
  • E-Mail your problem on the [email protected]
  • Wait for 24-48 Hours
  • Contact Nodal officer on the basis of Zone and State you are residing. Send an email or contact them on phone number as shared on the site
  • Wait for 24-48 Hours
  • Escalate to TRAI

Independent TV Complaints

TRAI on Independent TV Complaints

TRAI had asked the DTH operator to clarify on the complaints received by the regulatory body but it seems the situation has not improved since the report last came in. Even TRAI called a meeting with the senior officials of the company to seek a response from their side in the month of March.  There are numerous other issues pertaining to subscriber’s complaints which need to be resolved quickly that too in a professional manner. As they say, the customer is the king, if subscribers are not serviced properly, the hopes of the company for its revival will come crashing down.

Now let us try to understand the background of Independent TV, its current state and why its subscribers are facing challenges.

Background of Independent TV

Independent TV, originally launched as Reliance Big TV is owned by Reliance Communications (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group) in the year 2008. It was later named as Reliance Digital TV. Later in the year 2018, it was acquired by Pantel Technologies and Veecon Media. Name of DTH services was rebranded as Independent TV which is its present name.

The Company launched a Pre-booking offer and collected money from the consumers. But DTH was never installed as promised. This brought bad repute in the market and connections labeled it to be a fraud company. The company could not provide installation due to their non-payment issues with STAR India. The matter was transferred to TDSAT (Telecom Disputes Settlements and Appellate Tribunal) and where it was mutually agreed to pay 21.72 Crore but the DTH service could not do that and was further argued. It was decided not to deprive signals on account of this dispute in the competitive industry. The installation process somehow started in the month of September 2018 and was at a slow pace. Independent TV could not supply the set boxes in ample quantity in states due to the shortage in supply.

Independent TV Problems

The problem started coming when Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) came with the new rules w.e.f 31st March, 19 in relation with the tariffs where consumers need to pay only to those channels which they wish to see besides the free to air channels. Consumers started complaining of first disappearing the HD channels and all Sony channels. Then the Start and Zee channels started blacking out!

According to TRAI, the long term plans of DTH services will be valid for the subscribers. But the problem with Independent TV started because they themselves have not bought the long term packs and they were of shorter duration. With the exhaust of the time limit, Independent TV had to buy a new pack. With the announcement of new rules from TRAI cost of buying the channels increased considerably. Another challenge due to the new rule of TRAI has complicated the situation. Independent TV needs to mention the rate of each channel which they are not able to decide.

Also, Independent TV is not able to buy channels for the long term subscription consumers. It involves simple maths. Let’s assume your long term subscription is of Rs.2000/- which comes to around Rs.167- per month. Network Capacity fee charges include Rs.30 and Rs.23 is charged as GST. Independent TV is actually left with Rs 14/ in its kitty due to which it is not able to buy channels. This has led to chaos, confusion and dissatisfied customers.

The common Independent TV complaint by the consumer is no response from Customer Care Number. The company needs to look into this urgently. The subscribers who are already feeling cheated need to be dealt with meaningfully. We certainly believe that Independent TV will look into the pending matters whether it may be a case of non-installation of set-top boxes or the service issues or any other complaints of subscribers. Most importantly, the company needs to come out from the block holes and think out of the box.

For those who are still interested in Independent TV packages, Independent TV price and channel list, tune in to our post!

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