How to perfectly Pitch Your Guest Posts?

How to perfectly Pitch Your Guest Posts?

How to perfectly Pitch Your Guest Posts?

Before going to learn about pitching your guest posts, let us first understand what is a Guest Post.

What do you call a Guest Post?

What do you call a Guest Post

Guest posting also is widely known as guest blogging is the practice of posting to another person’s blog in order to build relationships and for the growth of your blog readership and platform. There are some reasons why guest blogging is so much important for every blogger to build their own web influence.

The key reasons are as follows:

  • It helps to build relationships as you are going to add the value to someone else’s blog. This increases the relation with other bloggers. By this practice, you can tremendously increase your influence in media.
  • The best part of guest posting is that it introduces you to new people. It can ultimately benefit you if you do right.

Perfect pitch your Guest Posts by these simple tips       

The magic of your words is the bread and butter to your posts.

The steps you need to take care of is as follows:

Perfect pitch your Guest Posts by these simple tips       
Perfect pitch your Guest Posts by these simple tips

The first and foremost step is to think of the receiver’s perspective. Website handles receive a bulk amount of posts per day. So all you have to do is to keep your work specific and succinct and do not waste people’s time. Based on the site’s context understand the reader and try to gain insight.

The next step is to interact with the editors through social media. Try to become a regular presence on the site you want to contribute to, as well. Comment on articles, and try to get the dialogue flowing with both readers and the site’s authority figures. This takes a little time but benefits a lot.

Prove that you have quality content and try to do your research and homework about the information beforehand. This will help understand the writing style of the publication and will show you’re genuinely interested in the subject matter. If there isn’t any response or interest, find another site or realign your pitch.

The next key step is to create a compelling subject line. Be clever; A generic concept line usually goes unopened. The concept line is often what separates a good content from the bad. Have the core message of your work incorporated into the title, but don’t directly spell it all out, try to make it look as interesting as possible.

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Do follow the rule to write once and edit twice. Many editors are very likely to delete a pitch if it includes spelling and grammar mistakes, regardless of how good the content is. It happens usually if you aren’t paying attention to the quality of your pitch and content.

Try to include great visuals. We are living in an era of short attention spans and content. Including a great visual helps the editor and also makes your content more compelling for readers to consume and share. It is a win-win situation for all.

Writing a guest post is surely great fun. So, guys do follow these key points on how to perfectly pitch your guest posts and be a bonus to websites ☺ 

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