AN APPEAL TO ALL INDIANS- Here is how our Media is trying to push India to War!

#IndiaWantsRevenge - Media trying to push India to War

  • “We will wipe you off the world map”
  • “Pakistan’s Full ‘n Final decided”
  • “Tonight is a night of destruction for Pakistan”

These are few headlines taken from Primetime shows of our mainstream news channels from 27th February 2019. Our media and its anchor who have nothing to do with the actual casualties if an actual war breaks out are playing out scenarios on  how India will ‘destroy’ and ‘wipe out’ Pakistan from the world map.

Humiliating Pakistan, its citizens and its army by making jokes on them, laughing on their capabilities whilst sitting in Air Conditioned rooms is continuously going from last few days. Not only media channels but many Social Media  pages having millions of active users are busy in thrashing each other. These ‘Keyboard Warriors’ who have never seen realities of war and its outcome are continuously posting insulting memes and images on their pages literally begging the Government to declare war on Pakistan. Senior reporters have also en-cashed the situation keeping in mind the TRPs be it print, electronic or digital media!

Let us debate in case war gets imminent between India and Pakistan:

  • Is war a solution to terrorism?
  • Are all Pakistanis or Muslims are terrorist?
  • How many casualties in terms of manpower and economy will be on both the sides?
  • Will it destroy only one country?

Now lets come back to why print and electronic media is begging Indian Government for war. These people for some reason have it in their mind, that war is like what they see in Bollywood movies. The government will declare war, Narendra Modi will push some button from his office launching Missiles onto Pakistan and destroying it under 1 minute and everyone here will start celebrating on roads. These people have no idea what it is like for a country to be at war. Here is what a war actually looks like:

War is sweet to those who have not experienced it. -Latin Phrase

Not only soldiers but hundreds and thousands of civilians will also lose their lives in the crossfire. Citizens will be devoid of basic necessities like ration, electricity and of course the internet and for how many days or even years, no one can tell! People will always live in fear of when a bomb will drop close to their house. There will be no shopping malls, no cinema halls and no restaurants for your entertainment. You won’t go to the office and have money to spend on things you like. The economy of the country will be pushed back to as much as 30 years minimum and all the funds that Government will have would be diverted to the war. You might even be forced by Government to make donations to fund the war. That is the reality! We have to sit back and think for a second that how sensitive we are for our country, as both the countries are equipped with weapons of mass destruction. HEAVY CASUALTIES are bound to happen in terms of armed forces and civilians on both sides.

Media forgets that war will not be executed by them sitting in their media war rooms. It will be fought by brave young men on the war front with outdated weapons and an inadequate number of officers. These young men will win the war not because he has hatred for the enemy but for the love of those behind him. After a few days, a war memorial will be built with their names inscribed and our media will forget their names! Has media thought of these consequences before asking for WAR? #SayNoToWar

#SurgicalStrike2 has united the nation, including the opposition and media, charging up everyone for the declaration of an all-out war. The media is seeing this as a golden opportunity by showing how India is going to destroy Pakistan and on top of that insulting it in order to earn more and more viewers and TRP. One should never underestimate its enemy and humiliating your enemy should be the last thing to do. Even enemies are expected to be treated with respect. Pakistan has shown this example by agreeing to return our captured soldier back to us which can finally be a chance to bring down the escalated tensions between the two countries. Let us remind you again that we are not at war with Pakistan but with the terrorists brewing in PoK because of bad political conditions.

Indian Air Force on 26th February 2019 did a fantastic job by attacking terrorist base in Balakot, Pakistan. For the first time in the history of warfare, a MiG21 downed an F16 in a dogfight. But #SurgicalStrike2 mission could have been kept a dark secret for years. But we all are witness to what happened over a few days in the aftermath of the Terror Strike. Media started bashing Pakistan and insulting them as a country who failed to even spot Indian fighter planes. Playing file clips and even clips from PC video games claiming them to be of actual strike over and over again all day calling upon Pakistans’s end just added oil to the flame forcing Pakistan to retaliate by doing the same thing the very next day. A sense of maturity over reporting such critical incidents should have prevailed since media was representing India. If this whole mission would have been kept a secret, maybe Pakistan would also have never retaliated and things won’t have ever escalated to such a level at first place.

Here is an example to show the insensitivity of news channels to revealing details at such critical times can be seen in below video. Check out how this news channel is bashing Pakistan and showing how our Air Force works from the inside revealing most of Indian security details.

मुस्तैद एयर फ़ोर्स ने मिनटों में ही पाकिस्तानी विमान को भगाया

मुस्तैद एयर फ़ोर्स ने मिनटों में ही पाकिस्तानी विमान को भगायागर्व है

Người đăng: Amethi Rae Bareli ki Kahani vào Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 2, 2019

We need to show our Government and media that we don’t need details of such secret missions and whatever our defense forces will do, will always be in our best interest and we have full faith in them. By making such missions public, we are only sabotaging such secret missions and making it difficult for defense forces to repeat such things in the future which could have been done easily otherwise if ever required. Unknowingly or knowingly, just for some cheap TRP, we are making a fool out of ourselves by revealing all such secrets out in the public and making our enemy more alert by telling them about our options so that they can also get more prepared. The only solution is to keep such missions secret while our defense forces do their job silently. The government needs to stop politicizing matters related to defense for getting votes and Media should stop using this to get cheap TRP.

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  1. Great piece of information, we must understand about the consequences of war. And media should be confined with several laws otherwise it will be more dangerous than terrorism.

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