Hindu Mahasabha’s Official Website Hacked Amidst The Drama On Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassination

The official website of Hindu Mahasabha ( was hacked by ‘Kerala Cyber Warriors’ on Thursday. The member of the hacking group calls himself “GH057_R007”. The landing page of the website displays the logo of Kerala Cyber Warriors and in Red bold letters, it reads, “Hindu Mahasabha Murdabad.”

This action was taken amidst the ongoing drama on Mahatma Gandhi’s stage assassination. The hacker posted a picture of the right-wing group’s general secretary Puja Shakun Pandey.  On Mahatma Gandhi’s Death anniversary on Wednesday, ABHM reportedly celebrated Gandhi’s death by shooting at an effigy of Gandhi with a toy gun. Pandey also compared her shooting at Gandhi’s effigy to the burning of Ravana’s effigy on Dussera. At the event, people chanted, “Mahatma Nathuram Godse amar rahe .”

The text above Pandey’s picture read, “Gandhi Ji, always remained an inspiration for people globally to follow right path, the path of nonviolence in all their actions.”

Further quoting Mahatma Gandhi, they wrote, “Nobody can hurt me without my permission. An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

The hacker called Pandey a Hippopotamus and demanded, “Government should arrest this hippopotamus and her goons under sedition charge as soon as possible.”

They also posted a picture of a masked man showing a middle finger and further wrote, “Lose your weight instead of losing your brain B!itch.” In the end, they wrote, “We are legion I We do not forgive I We do not forget I Expect us.”

Well, this is not the first time that Kerala Cyber Warriors have hacked Hindu Mahasabha’s website, In August, last year, they hacked the website and displayed a recipe to make “Kerala Spicy Nadan Beef Curry.” The hack was speculated to be in response to Swami Chakrapani’s controversial statements on Kerala Flood victims. He stated, “I am also appealing for help in Kerala. But help should be given to those who respect nature and creatures. When roti was available to people in Kerala, they were slaughtering the cow to eat her meat. So, what I mean is that Hindus should provide help to those who avoid cow meat.”

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