#LokSabhaElections2019 – I am a first-time voter! Whom should I vote?

VoteKarVoting is one of the most important constitutional rights that I have as an Indian citizen. In Lok Sabha Elections 2019 I will be one of the 8.4 crore first-time voters who will cast their vote. I understand that each vote is extremely important and holds the strength to make the future of the Nation and its citizens. The same has been stressed by PM Narendra Modi in a tweet on the morning of Phase 1 elections encouraging the first-time voters to  #VoteKar and step out in large numbers.

The decision to support a particular party and cast my vote has to be very logical and meaningful. While deciding I have considered the past few years of my life, what I faced and the news that I have read and watched.

My vote matters and I want to make the right and informed choice.

Congress or BJP?

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to vote for the CongressCONGRESS-logo party. Here are a few reasons why I have decided to vote for this party:

  1. The party is known for its secular standing for a long time, while the current ruling party is known as a pro-Hindu party. I am a Hindu. But that does not make me superior to any other people. In the past year, there have been numerous incidences of lynching over the suspicion of the sale or purchase of beef. A Hindu person burnt a Muslim man alive for no reason other than for being a Muslim and was later deemed as a hero. And as if the people of India had not learned enough a promise of Ram temple in Ayodhya was made by the ruling party. Do we really have to face so much violence over religion? Is it not true that after BJP came into power there has been an unseen rise in Hindu fanaticism? As an Indian who is definitely religious but also respect other religions equally, I feel BJP coming into power will the wind the Hindu fanatics yet again.
  2. The economy of the country has seen growth but is it really the promised growth? The growth rate of the country has slowed down. Now if we sit to compare the current regime with its predecessor we cannot arrive at a very correct decision. The main reason here is crude oil prices. The BJP government had the good fortune of starting the term when the crude oil prices were low which helped the economy to grow. This is no contribution from the ruling party at all. The prices of crude oil rose again and down went the Indian growth rate again. The taxes have increased and I cannot even remember all the taxes that we pay while shopping (Swach Bharat Tax, Kissan Cess, ST, GST etc). But has all the taxes that we have paid really reached the farmers and helped to build the roads and hospitals? I continuously read about the deaths caused due to the lack of medical facilities, poor road connectivity and others. Inflation hasn’t shown any respite either. The prices of commodities 5 years back sound strange to my ears now.  What about the claims of job creation? Well, that is again yet to be clarified whether these are phantom jobs or actual jobs.
  3. Party representation is a huge factor as well. Do I want to vote for Modi government or do I want to vote for democracy? This is a very personal opinion that I have. Why is it always Modi? Why is it not BJP government? I think in the past few years there has just been too much of Modi. At times it feels as though it is a one-man party and a one-man government. The rest of the party seems to be insignificant.
  4. The social scene in the rural sector is still grim.  Construction of roads, medical facilities, schools still a long way off. The schemes that were promised to help uplift the agricultural sector have not been implemented. And how do I know that? I recently visited my relatives in rural India and the situation has not improved. Perhaps the Modi government would need a few more terms to be able to implement the promised schemes.

These are the main reasons why I feel I cannot cast my vote for the ruling party. But what makes me believe that CongressCONGRESS-logo is a better choice? The first and foremost reason is that it is led by a young leader who unlike the rest of the greying population of politics offers better hope and a greater understanding of the current situations.  Congress has always been a secular party and has done lots for the minorities as well. The party leader is not set with staunch ideologies but liberal enough to be able to see the changes and make changes. There is a huge change in the Rahul GandhiCONGRESS-logo whose memes dominated the social media and the well versed and well informed political figure he has become. No other party I feel can fit in the description of a political leader that I am looking to support other than the party that is equipped with a team of leaders that can lead a country with its secular constitution.

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