Add these 10 Words In Your Vocab and sound Pro in English

English vocab wordsThere is no denying fact that English is not just a language of communication, but a lot more than that. People are judged by how well they speak in English even in countries like India where Hindi is the dominant language along with several other regional languages being spoken in every corner. Keeping aside all the degrees and skills, people will still judge you on how well you can speak in English. There have been lots of debates going on, but that is not what we are going to discuss here.

Now when English has become such a necessary language, we all try to become a pro in it. Not because we are genuinely interested but because we want to impress people around us. It is hard to learn all the heavy words to make you look smart, but you can add a few that will make you sound like a pro. If you randomly use some big words in between your conversation, people will believe that you are smart. Well, to make you look smarter in your office or college, we have listed down some big words that you can add up into your vocabulary and just slip into your day to day conversations. Check out the list:

1- Pronto

It means quickly and without delay.

Example: I will send the mail pronto, before I forget.

2- Rain Check:

Rain Check meaning

This word is used when you do not want to accept someone’s offer or suggestion right now but would do so some time in the future.

Example: Mind if I take a rain check on that drink? I have to do finish off my work first.

3- Insatiable:

It means a desire which is impossible to satisfy.

Example: An insatiable greed, an insatiable hunger for success, for sex etc.

4- Mea Culpa:

Though it is a Latin word, you can still add it to your vocab. It means acknowledgment of mistakes and guilt.

Example: If there is something wrong in the sales report, then mea culpa.

5- Ennui:

It can be described as the feeling when you are bored an annoyed at the same time.

Example: Though things were good when we started dating, eventually I developed a sense of ennui.

6- Umbrage: 

It means offense.

Example: I do not know your intentions, but it caused me so much umbrage when you trolled me in front of her.

7- Vamoose:

It means to ‘to leave hurriedly’.

Example: Vamoose Man! or we will miss the last bus.

8- Nefarious:

It means evil or criminal.

Example: The accountant seems to be involved in some nefarious activities that CEO is unaware of!

9- Capricious:

A sudden change in mood or behavior.

Example: I still don’t understand why were you so capricious throughout the trip.

10- Obtuse:

It means insensitive, stupid, dull or slow to understand.

Example: He is too obtuse to understand office politics.

Well, just make note of these words and memorize them. And slowly slip these words into your conversations. People would surely get impressed and some of them might even come up to you to ask which author are you reading or which American show are you watching currently!

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