Khelo Dream11 Dimaag Se – Tips on how to win a Fantasy Game?

Khelo Dream11 Dimaag Se- Put a brake on all your emotions, apply logic, think and dream on "WINNING"

Dream 11

A brief about Dream 11 – Fantasy Sports Service Industry

Dream 11Dream11is one of India’s fastest and largest fantasy game portal available on mobile apps(iOS & Android) & website interface. It boasts of a rapidly growing base of 20 million+ users.  Dream 11 was founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Seth in 2008 for sports’ fans to enjoy fantasy games while getting actively involved. The popularity of the concept of using digital technology in sports increased year over year coupled with the ease of access to smartphones, fast internet(3G, 4G & broadband). These were the main reasons to inspire them to take the user experience to the next level and become a launch pad for the idea of virtual Fantasy Sports Platform.  They launched a virtual gaming platform for those who were interested in sports like cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, and hockey. The expansion in the Fantasy Sports Service industry is witnessing an exponential growth rate. Very much evident from the numbers, in 2014 the registered members of this tech were nearly 1 million, which grew exponentially to 2 million in 2016 and in 2018 membership crossed to 45 million. Dream 11Dream11 also ranked 9th among India’s mid-sized workspace in 2018.

Dream 11

The gaming platform is very much legal in India where you can make your own team and earn money. It is a game of skill where you build a fantasy league and earn money too while playing. The most common ones being “dream 11 cricket team”  and “dream 11 football“.  With IPL in full swing, the brand ambassador of Dream 11 Dream11is thalla M. S. Dhoni.

You must be wondering about the source of revenue for Dream 11Dream11. Let us dig deeper. The most common source of income for Dream 11 is from Signup fee (very minimal), Contest entry fee, Advertisements, and Merchandise. Out of these revenue streams the option of “contest entry fee” is the one which brings the chunk of revenue. Basic maths’ concept is applied here – In a league of 10 members, a gamer pays Rs 1000 to join the league. The corpus of one paid league is 10,000. Total prize money announced for the top two winners of the league is Rs 5000 and Rs 4000 respectively. This means that Dream11 nets in Rs 1000 from one league. Dream 11 hosts scores of such league contests daily with the prize money ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 3 crore and you can let your imagination run haywire on the net earning each day. Dream 11 team launches approximately high valued contests 15-17 in the count and around 20-30 low valued ones with the maximum one valued at Rs 3 crore. Rest it is up to you to imagine!

How to register and create an account on Dream 11Dream11 app?

To be a registered member of dream11 there is a minimal fee. The concept behind the online game is to develop a real-life battle like a virtual game in which the user creates a virtual team of 11 real-life players, and the users are awarded points according to the player performance in real life matches. The user who earns maximum point attains a rank in the leader board. In this, the user can win cash rewards. To become a registered member of Dream 11Dream11 the age of the person must be 19 years and above.

Steps to create an account in Dream 11Dream11

1. Login to the site of Dream 11Dream11 or download the app from play store
2. Sign in with all details i.e name, phone no., email id and select the password
3. Once you have created your account, navigate to My Account where you can track your balance and earnings. To withdraw your wallet money into your bank account, verify Dream11 account by entering the mobile number. Enter the one-time password (OTP) received on the provided mobile number
4. Submit PAN card number, date of birth and state. It takes 7 days to verify PAN card details. Once verification is complete add your bank details to withdraw money from the wallet


Must Know Tips to always win Fantasy Cricket Game on Dream 11Dream11

IPL fever is ON in India and keeping up with it let us discuss tips on how to win and earn money on Dream 11Dream11. In Fantasy Cricket Game on Dream 11, one gets the chance to create a virtual team of 11 cricket players and on their live performance, one scores points. In order to #FairPlay and win cash rewards proper strategy with these 11 players needs to be done beforehand. A lot of winning depends on your prediction skills, experience in the game and of course luck. Now let us delve into what those tips to win” are that will help you in brainstorming and planning. Put a brake on all your cricket emotions, apply logic, think, act and dream on “WINNING”

Step 1: Research and invest quality time in picking team members. Do not hurry!

Step 2: Do not pick the Hot Stars and icons while forming the team. It should not be emotionally driven! Target players who are in-form

Step 3: While forming a team, ensure that the external factors like pitch, weather, injury to players are taken into account

Step 4: Performance Analysis is a must for each member. This includes the form of the player, his weaknesses and strengths, past records, playing style and adaptability!

Step 5: It is tried and tested that you form a team 1 hour prior to the deadline. You get sufficient time to read the reviews about your prospective team members and their opponents

Step 6: On the basis of track records select captain and vice-captain of your Dream 11

Step 7: Analyse the pitch conditions, and go for combinations of 1-3-3-4 for bowling pitches, 1-5-2-3 for batting pitches

Step 8: Last but not least your gut feel or your intuitive senses and skill in cricket. Trust your instincts. 90% is hard work and rest is luck

One such Dream11 team prediction of IP winning team is laid out for you to check out. You can strategize in similar fashion. Also, do keep in mind that Dream 11 offers many practice contests for newbies to sharpen their playing skills.

Fantasy sports over the years has matured and become a lucrative business. Many more have cropped up to tap the unlimited market for instance – MPL, MyTeam11, CricBattle. Another online gaming platform which you can check for is Is MPL (Mobile Premier League) a scam? Does MPL pay you?

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