Couple Got Married Out Of Mutual Love For PM Modi, Woman Now Says She Was Harassed

Women married BJP supporterDo you remember a couple who met because of the shared love for our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and went on to tie the nuptial knot with each other? Well, turns out there is a dark side to this somewhat beautiful and amusing love story.

A few days ago, a Gujarat based man posted on Twitter that he commented on one of the Twitter posts of Congress President Rahul Gandhi which was liked by a woman with whom he ended up marrying. He posted a picture of himself along with his wife and they both twinned in orange t-shirts that read ‘Namo Again’. The man wrote on Twitter, “We married because of you @narendramodi Ji! I commented on @rahulgandhi ‘s FB page in ur support and this beautiful lady from his constituency liked it. We talked, met and found out that we both support you because we both want to live for India, so we decided to do it together :)”

The tweet was liked and retweeted several times and it went viral in no time. However, this post was deleted, but the man tweeted it again saying, “oops! deleted by mistake while I was trying to delete something else.”

He further clarified, “There are misconcpetions in media and social media that accidental deletion of the viral tweet was due to the amount of trolling received. Fact is just like Modiji, I m used to criticism and trolling, my commitment towards the nation is unaffected by what trolls. Jay Hind!”

The couple reportedly tied the knot on December 31, last year. However, a month after their marriage, the girl has come out to present another side of the story. In a tweet, she has accused her husband of harassing her. She wrote on Twitter, “”Here’s the other side of the story that you have been hearing about @thejaydave who met a girl on @facebook who liked one of his comments on @RahulGandhi’s page. They fell in love and got together as they both supported @narendramodi. Well, I am that girl.”

The girl named Alpika Pandey further wrote, “I am just 18 years old and he is 29 although his face doesn’t reflect so. First of all, he used my image without my knowledge and consent for his own benefit of publicity. He used this as a means to glorify his image in @BJP and social media.”

She said that her husband harassed her and his family supported him. She wrote, “He tortured me both mentally and physically till the extent that I tried committing suicide. His family supported him in doing so. I didn’t have the freedom to even step out of their house without a member accompanying me in the name of honor. @ndtv @GujaratPolice @MinistryWCD”

She further accused him for invading her privacy and lack of trust. She wrote, My loyalty for him was doubted to the extent that he clarified many times what was I doing even when I was in the bathroom. I had to show him each and everything I did on my phone or he would snatch my phone away. He never respected my personal space. @NCWIndia”

In her last tweet, she questioned, “I seriously doubt if his feelings were true for me. Is this what a #modibhakt does in the name of bhakti??”

According to the reports, the girl is now living with her parents and the family of the man is pressuring her to delete the tweet.

However, though the tweeps are in support of the girl and have adviced her to take action towards the man for harassing her, they are also asking her not to generalize all Modi followers.

A twitter user wrote,

People are advising them not to make their personal matter sound a political one.

Well, the authenticity of the Tweets are still not known.

What is your take on this story? Shall this personal issue be solved personally or shall it be made political propaganda? Wouldn’t it have been better that the girl had filed a police complaint long back or had come out earlier to drag that man behind the bars for harassing her?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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