Content Marketing to Attract Customers! How to go about?

content marketing
Content is THE KING!

Do you have the feeling that the digital marketing strategies you have implemented in your company no longer work?

Do not worry, it’s not that you do not like what you offer. In fact, it is very likely due to the poor management of communication and content marketing.

My advice does not despair before your time. The same thing happens to many companies as it does to yours. With this, I do not want to refer to the saying ” Evil of many consolations of fools “, only that it is something of the most usual when companies do not adapt to the constant changes that we live in digital marketing.

Today I am going to talk to you about one of the online marketing actions that offer the best results. I refer to content marketing as a strategy to attract customers. Surely you’ve heard that content is king. As such, you have to take care of it and know how to present it so that your potential customers like Google like it. In today’s post, we will see how to do it and what results we can achieve.

What is content marketing?

The content marketing or digital marketing () is a technique that is based on trying to understand what our audience is looking to offer what demand a more attractive way. Content marketing is not something new on the internet or in the digital world. In fact, it takes time in the offline world. What happens is that now it has taken much more weight as a digital marketing strategy to attract customers.

If you do not believe me, I’m going to give you a couple of examples of content marketing that has been done so far.

#Example 1 of Content Marketing

If you belong to a group, such as journalists, doctors, ophthalmologists, etc … I’m sure that on more than one occasion you have received a magazine with topics related to your profession in your home, yes? That’s content marketing.

#Example 2 of Content Marketing

I’ll give you another more mundane example … The Gallina Blanca brand has given its customers numerous times with books or recipe books. That is to do with content marketing as well. That is, the brand gains visibility by offering valuable content. In the case of the recipes of Gallina Blanca … it gave us the keys to make new stews, without forgetting always a pill of Avecrem or any other product of the firm.

For content marketing is that, but brought to the field online. And instead of presenting it in the form of a recipe book or magazine, we do it in the form of articles for blogs, posts on social networks, infographics, videos, etc.

By the way, Gallina Blanca has been able to adapt very well to the times and here is her online British essay service book.

Objectives of content marketing

The ultimate goal of content marketing is that we can respond to the needs of our prospects or potential customers but putting first their tastes and not our product or service. This strategy is part of  Inbound marketing, thanks to which we will be able to attract potential customers, through seduction and in a less invasive way than with traditional marketing.

The main premise on which content marketing is based to attract customers is to build a solid, lasting and trusting relationship with them. And for that, I will not tire of saying that you should share quality content that will give you some kind of value. Otherwise, your strategy will fail miserably.

Therefore, we must focus the content to the tastes and needs of our audience. It’s the only way for content marketing to work.

How does content marketing work to attract potential customers?

As we have just seen content marketing is knowing how to tell our potential customers how well they would use our product or services but generating a certain need, not telling them all the time how wonderful our brand is. That is, they have to look for us because we are necessary for them. Not the other way around

This does not mean that we never talk about our brand. No. You have to talk but in a non-invasive way, without putting it in your eyes and letting the client consider your product or service necessary and useful. Does content marketing work to attract customers? If you know how to do it the answer is clearly yes.

Realize that most of the people who search the Internet do so by searching for solutions to questions … That is … What is …? or as? Or Can …?

If in our niche we are able to answer all the possible questions of the user, they can find what they need on our website. In other words, if we generate trust and added value, it is possible to turn that potential client or prospect into a real customer. Sounds good, right?

It is true that they are not always going to buy because many times they just want to get information or solve doubts, but you are also interested in having a content marketing strategy because this will give you more quality visits, which translates into better SEO and greater visibility. That is, help improve your organic positioning in a natural way, beyond what is already in itself, in the face of SEO the writing of content for a blog.

To End

Before leaving you with an interesting infographic about content marketing to attract customers, remember that content marketing should:

  • Contribute content of value to the user.
  • The user must feel that this content is something he was really looking for.
  • The message should not be invasive. Quite the opposite. It has to be subtle so that the potential client does not feel pressured.
  • Respect the client’s time.
  • Be beneficial first for your users, and in a second plan for your company

INFOGRAPHY: 12 tips on content marketing

Now, I leave you with this infographic by Buy Essay Online, with 12 tips and 20 ideas on content marketing.

** About the Guest Author, Eddie Colin – Eddie is a social media marketer and a content strategist at Assignment Writing Service. His writing strategy is quite different as he loves to answer instead of writing about problems.**

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