BJP to release report card on manifesto of 2014 General Elections

BJP 2019 ‘Sankalp Patra’: Road map for the poor | #BJPPollManifesto

bjp manifesto 2019The Bhartiya Janta Party is set to give out the details work done by PM Modi’s government during the 5-year tenure. It is to check if the promises made by the party in its manifesto in 2014 are met or not. The sources of the party assert that over 520 of a total of 549 promises made in the manifesto have already been met or the work is successfully going on. Some of his promises included employment generation, enhancement of internal security, and providing people social security.

With the general elections around the corner, the opposition parties are accusing BJP of failing to meet its promises made in 2014. In such a situation, the release of BJP’s report card would give an insight to the public. A team of BJP leaders has been assigned the work to collect details of the work done by Prime Minister Modi’s government in order to fulfill the promises.

A party leader mentioned that BJP made around 549 promises during the 2014 General elections. He said, “As many as 520 of them have either been fulfilled or work on them has been going on as their completion requires a certain time period.” Another party leader mentioned those other initiatives like Mudra and Ujjwala that were not part of the manifesto became successful and benefitted a large number of people.

BJP vice-president Vinay Sahasrabuddhe mentioned about the implementation of the GST which was the government’s long-term vision. He pointed out that BJP is the only party that brought into the electoral fray the politics of performance and development. Shaming the opposition parties for spreading negative agendas, he asked, “Is an Opposition party like the Congress telling people that this is what it had done for them when it was in power so that they should vote for it?”

BJP 2019 ‘Sankalp Patra’: Road map for the poor | #BJPPollManifesto2019 – Is it an extension of its 2014 vision document?

#BJPPollManifesto #BJPPollManifesto

“Our ‘Sankalp’ is to change India from a developing country to a developed country. This should turn into a mass movement: PM @narendramodi

  • Focus on the empowerment of citizens and particularly empowerment of poor
  • ‘One Mission, One Direction’ for India
  • Gender equality and safety get special attention
  • Roadmap for Kashmir
      • Promise 1: Abrogation of Article 35
      • Promise 2: Committed to annulling Article 35 A
      • Promise 3: Ensure return of Kashmiri Pandits
      • Promise 4: Financial assistance for PoK refugee
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