Bihar Ancient Heritage video- A Glimpse

Bihar- situated near heartland of India, this greenland is not known for its geographical periphery only, its unfathomable dimensions fascinate everybody. King Videh Janak, Tirthankara Mahaveer, Lord Buddha, erudite Chanakya, Valiant Ashok and astronomer Aryabhatt has been some of the examples of great sons of Bihar.

Bihar has given the message of religion and spirituality, science, knowledge, humanity and unity in diversity to the whole world. Founder of World religion Buddhism Lord Buddha attained salvation here. Situated at Bodh Gaya world heritage site Bodhivriksha is the Centre of faith for Buddhists from all over the world. Peace Pagoda, Gridhkoot mountain, caves of Saptparni situated at Rajgir are worth seeing. Vaishali, Lauria and Nandangadh, Kesaria Stupa, caves of Barabar and Champanagar are other places of interest for Buddhists scattered all over Bihar and connected to Buddhist circuit.

Preacher of democracy to the whole world, first Republic of the world , Vaishali is the birthplace of 24th Jain Tirthankar Lord Mahaveer also who gave the message of truth and non-violence to the world. Pawapuri, Place of salvation of Lord Mahaveer is also linked to the Jain circuit including other holy places of Jains in Bihar.

Bihar Ancient Heritage

Bihar Ancient Heritage

Centre of education, studies, research and academics for scholars from all over the world in ancient times Nalanda and Vikramshila universities are situated in Bihar only. Today the remains of these structures tell us the story of knowledge and wisdom inspiring the whole world.
Birthplace of Tenth Guru of Sikhs Guru Govind Singh Ji Maharaj is also in Bihar. Bihar has enamored the Sikhs of the whole world by celebrating the 350th Prakashotsav of Guru Govind Singh ji at Patna Sahib recently.

Places to visit in Bihar:

Tomb of Shershah Suri situated at Sasaram is one of the prominent historical monuments of Bihar. 800 year old ‘dargah’ of great Sufi Saint Kamaluddin Yahya Maneri at Manersharif ‘dargah’ of Makhdum Shah Sahib at Biharsharif and tomb of Malik Ibrahim are the symbols of semblance of all religion.

Birth place of Goddess Sita at Punauradham ( Sitamarhi), place of ashram of Saint Valmiki at Valmikinagar, ashramasthal of sage guru Vishwamitra at Buxar where education and training of lord Ram and Laxman was done are here and all the main religious places of Ramayana circuit in Bihar.

Fairs are the mirror of culture and life style of any area. You will get a glimpse of culture of Bihar at the world famous Sonpur fair, Malmas fair of Rajgir and Pitripaksha fair of Gaya.
Every year millions of Hindus from all over the world come to the land of salvation, city of lord Vishnu – Gaya to pray and pay homage for salvation of the souls of their ancestors with reverence.
Rich traditions, ancient heritage and culture which give knowledge and direction to the modern Bihar is scattered in abundance here. Rohtasgarh fort, Darbhanga Raj fort, Rajnagar’s Raj Palace in Madhubani and Golghar are the prides of Bihar. Ganga Arti of Ganga Ghat of the river Ganga is worth watching.

Bihar has been land of revolution, land of struggles, during the freedom struggle of 1857 Babu Kunwar Singh had strongly protested and won the battle against Britishers. Gandhi ji has begun his struggle for freedom from the land of Champaran after becoming Mahatma and then Bapu from Mohandas Karamchand. Chief minister of Bihar Nitish kumar has repeated Virasat yatra from Chandrahiya to Motihari Gandhimaidan recalling Gandhi yatra.

Bihar has been the land of knowledge, it has been land of new avenues and opportunities. Needless to say that the culture of the state has been valid expression of this- be it folklore, be it folk song or be it painting and handicrafts, social functions! In reality culture of Bihar is the symbol of common man’s strength . If you have interest in knowing India you will have to know Bihar . Will wait for you …do come to Bihar.

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