Article 15 720 HD print May Be Leaked Online on pirate sites

article 15 hd print downloadArticle 15 May Be Leaked Online

It has happened in the past that many movies have been leaked by various sources, all this does is causes the movie maker a huge amount of loss. When the whole mishap of Udta Punjab happened the movie was leaked and because of that, very fewer people went to watch the film. Thugs of Hindustan was the victim of this too. The same rumors are coming for Article 15 that it will be leaked, these sources are not reliable though shouldn’t be ignored. Network security is not so safe in this modern era, everything is out there for hackers to access. It is now at their discretion to spare someone or not. Many ethical hackers are fighting against this and all we can do is hope that this time movies like this do not get leaked.

According to the law, it is forbidden to visit sites which stream pirated movies and if you get tracked through your IP address, then you can go to jail for a period of three years. When you surf the internet you are assigned a specific IP address through which your location can be easily tracked. It is wrong to support such sites by watching content that is produced by someone else. They have put a lot of hard work in it and they should get the appropriate share of profit for it.

Torrent has been running for a long time, and it is the number one source of leaked movies. Though in many cases, the proper video quality is not uploaded in the first few weeks. Still, the disrupted quality is watched by many people at large and in some cases, even the high definition version of the movie is leaked. Now, why would someone go to the theater to watch a movie when he or she can watch it in good print at their home.

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