Earn upto Rs 16,000 per month with Amazon Flex Program in India

amazon flex indiaPart-Time Employment in India isn’t something very usual but Amazon, the e-commerce giant has plans to change this. They have introduced a new program, the ‘Amazon Flex’ program under which individuals can work part-time, creating their own schedule and earn Rs 120 to 140 per hour delivering packages on behalf of Amazon.

Amazon India claims that this program will create huge amount of part-time opportunities for individuals to maximize their earning potential by delivering Amazon packages during their spare time. Amazon Flex has been launched in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi and Amazon say that this will expand to additional cities this year.

Every delivery partner/individual has to go through a comprehensive background verification process and is also given hands-on training before they can begin delivering packages. All the Amazon Flex delivery people are also covered under a Group Accident policy while making deliveries for Amazon.Those who want to deliver for amazon can currently choose the day time and can work upto a maximum of 4 hours a day. This means that in a week, a delivery participant can deliver for approximately 20-30 hours under this flex program.

“We are proud to create opportunities for tens of thousands of individuals to further their earning potential with a flexible work option to be their own boss, create their own schedule and take advantage of Amazon technology to deliver packages,” explained Akhil Saxena Vice President – Asia Customer Fulfilment,  Amazon. He also added-“While we continue to scale our existing delivery capabilities across the country, Amazon Flex will enable Amazon to continue growing our capacity to serve more customers and speed up deliveries,”.

The program was first launched in 2015. It is currently live in six countries including North America, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Amazon Flex Program is targeted at employing Housewives, college students, security guards, and retired professionals who have spare time. This will also enable Amazon to continue growing its capacity to serve more customers and speed up their delivery process. We also believe that this will help Amazon to grow more and more in the E-commerce competition as this is a huge step forward.

Now let us tell you how this works. Once a person signs up for the Amazon Flex delivery program, they can register to be a part-time delivery partner and choose their own area and time to deliver the packages in their locality. The person has to pick the orders from the delivery stations and at the end of the day return undelivered orders and cash from COD purchases to the delivery stations. Amazon says that the payment to the delivery partner will be done every Wednesday via bank transfer, so it is mandatory for the delivery person to have a PAN number and as already mentioned above, the person will also be provided with an insurance cover up to 5 Lakhs. To be a part-time executive, Users are required to have an Android phone with the Amazon Flex app. Along with that, they will also have to attend classroom training when they come down to the Amazon office for document verification. An external agency will also do the background verification of the individual.

In India, a delivery is marked complete when the customer receives the package. But in western countries, the packages could be left at the doorstep particularly during peak season. So, obviously, Amazon took some time to introduce this program because deliveries do take time here in India and also most of the cities are not planned enough and the delivery person has to search for the address. That could be the reason why Amazon took time to introduce this program despite it’s presence since 2013 in India.

Amazon wants to minimize the alternatives for people and not opt for shopping from malls or stores. This program directly or indirectly is going to impact the publicity of Amazon. Since 2013, Amazon has invested almost $5 billion in India mostly on infrastructure, technology, and innovation. To conclude, we would like to say that this is a really appreciable step by Amazon considering the rising unemployment rate in India. We expect the Government of India to help initiatives like this and urge other market players to also introduce this kind of employment opportunities. The youth is obviously going to support this at a large scale and we wish Amazon India good luck!

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