Pakistan Army releases video of Indian Pilot Abhinandan saying he is being looked after

Abhinandan file photo
A File photo of our captured Pilot Abhinadan Varthaman

Pakistan Army Major has released a video of Indian Air Force Pilot Abhinandan who was earlier captured by Pakistani army today. Wing Commander Abhinandarn Varthaman can be seen sipping tea from a cup while answering to the questions of Pakistani Major. Our pilot unfortunately crashed into Pakistan soil while combating with Pakistan’s F-16 which entered into India’s Airspace.

India has given firm warning to Pakistan to look after its pilot and treat him with respect. MEA has confirmed the message to Pakistan to treat the Prisoner of War with full respect as Geneva Convention demands. MEA has also objected on Pakistan’s display of vulgar action by thrashing him and parading him.

Many Indians on twitter has welcomed this move by Pakistan. Earlier Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan in a press conference to his country, invited India for a peace dialogue. How serious Pakistan really is for peace can now be shown by releasing the PoW Abhinandan back to India safely and immediately. He was captured and beaten in Pakistan today and they also released videos of the injured pilot being paraded out in the public. But now this video definitely shows him in better condition, with wounds on his face cleaned and treated.

Twitter is also flooded with tweets attached with hashtags like Clearly people on both the sides don’t want war and Pakistan needs to understand that our fight is against terrorism and not Pakistan.

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