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how-to-link-aadhaar-with-mobile-numberThere is no point denying the fact that Aadhaar Card has been one of the most talked about topics in India since the last couple of years or so. While on one hand where the Indian government is continuously promoting the importance of having an Aadhaar number/card as well as its uses, on the other hand, there is still some light left to shed on the online Aadhaar process which many of us are still not aware of. Aadhar self-service update portal mobile

To ease your problem regarding updating of Aadhar card, here we are providing you with the step-by-step procedure on how you can update your Aadhar card easily with the help of Aaadhar’s ssup i.e, self-service update portal.

As the Government understands the very of situation of its citizen they have allowed you to help yourself right from sitting comfortably in your house without stepping into any Aadhar center.

The self-service update center is a website, where anyone can update or correct their Aadhar details from the portal. You can do this from your home. So here we are going to tell you how you can do that just in the blink of an eye. To update and correction of any of your Aadhar information kindly follow the following steps. Aadhar self service update portal login.

Steps on how to do Aaadhar self-service portal update mobile number

Step 1: You have to go to the SSUP official site.

Step 2: Once you open the website On the bottom, you will see a link, click on the link to proceed.

Step 3: By clicking on that you will automatically land on the next page that contains your details. Here you have to provide to the proceeding. Enter your Aadhar card number and then click on send OTP.

Step 4: Now the UIDAI will send you a text message with the OTP (one-time password) in it. (Tip: keep your phone near to you at this moment as you need the OTP quickly)

Step 5: Then you will be provided with options on the details you want to update. Select ‘mobile number‘ and click on submit.

Step 7: You will then receive a confirmation for the submission of your update request. It will also display a unique URN. Note this down and check your status of update. Once the updated Aaadhaar card is ready, you can download it.
By following these simple steps you can easily Aadhar self service portal update.

It will take few days for the request to proceed, but until then you have to wait. It will take more than 15 days for the UIDAI to process your work but when your Aaadhar is updated, you will receive a message from the official texting depart.

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