Romantic teaser of “Zara Thehro” out! Release postponed to July 8 in honor of Sushant’s “Dil Bechara” trailer

Armaan Malik released the teaser of his next music video single aptly titled ‘Zara Thehro’. The video song is being released on July 8 at 11 am. The teaser gives glimpses of Armaan Malik rendering in soulful voice with Mehreen Pirzada making a lasting appearance.

In the 16 second teaser, Malik is seen in a monochrome frame with the leading lady Mehreen Pirzada smiling at the camera. The video song ‘Zara Thehro’ opens up with waves washing up on a plateau and Mehreen making a sunny appearnace.

In the ‘Zara Thehro’ teaser, Mehreen Pirzada can be seen wearing whites and walking on the terrace of a building. Her fleeting appearance makes us wanting for more.

The single video album “Zara Thehro” is produced by T-Serie. Tulsi Kumar has also lent her voice. But it isn’t part of the teaser. The music is composed by Amaal Mallik, brother of Armaan. The song is slated to make its debut on July 6, 2020.

Within 4 hours of its release, the teaser #ZaraThehro started trending on Twitter with people appreciating the single. Armaan has confirmed that it is a peppy “party track”

Armaan’s previous Control and Next 2 Me were different from Zara Thehro. the teaser brings one back to back to the roots.

Get ready for July 8 when Zara Thehro would finally make it’s way from Amaal Mallik’s studio to our hearts & stay there forever. The song was initially planned to debut on July 6. But with the trailer of Sushant Singh Rajput’s “Dil Bechara” coming out tomorrow, Armaan postponed the release by a day. The song was initially planned to debut on July 6.

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