Lights, Camera, Music, Trishita, and more!

YouTube has proved to be a means of showcasing one’s talent and spreading awareness for many people globally. One such talented person among the community of YouTubers is Singer Trishita Maitra who has a growing fanbase of 13.5K followers on her Instagram account.

From the tender age of 4 years, Trishita has always been drawn to Music and has been receiving training from notable musicians in Indian Classical Music. 

In an interview with us, Trishita reveals a few facts about herself and her art which are unknown to many. Apart from being a sensational singer, Trishita is also a mental health enthusiast and promotes mental health over ever social media platform. 

Why did you decide to make music your career?

While I sing that’s the sanest, I feel. As a kid, my life is influenced by 3 major cities – Kolkata, Satna and Mumbai. Growing up in a culturally rich city like Satna in Madhya Pradesh, I was always drawn towards the performing arts industry. I initially wanted to be a dancer by as my dance teacher relocated, I switched to music. It was at the age of 4years that I released that I want to make music my career.

Who inspired you and paved the way to becoming a singer?

I’ve had many gurus who’ve inspired me to start a career as a singer. But the main person who revolutionized my entire concept of singing was Pt. Vinod Mishra. He was the one who played a major role in paving the path for my musical career. I still practice the lessons I learned from him and they still help me in my career as a singer. 

Lights, Camera, Music, Trishita and more

Who has been your greatest support throughout your journey in music?

My family has always been supportive of my career choice. They have often switched cities to make sure I had the right training and guidance required in the field of music. Apart from them, my school teachers, principals and friends have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. 

What’s your motivation behind your new song? 

My new song is a collaboration between 3 people – A lyricist, A composer-producer and me. It was a random thought one day when I came up with the idea for the song which was a one-line tune. It is based on a vlog styled music video, shot in Hrushikesh that revolves around the theme of friendship. As the song developed, we later realized that it was a metaphorical representation of the idea of self- love and self- acceptance. 

As an artist, which social causes do are you passionate about?

As an artist, I’m an advocate for mental health and self-acceptance. I prefer being associated with causes that I’ve had a personal encounter with. Being a person who has battled chronic anxiety, I’m able to empathize with people going through a similar phase. I often speak about issues like self – love, body image, etc over social media and encourage people to be vocal about their emotions and feelings. 

Lights, Camera, Music, Trishita and more

As you mentioned you did battle chronic anxiety, what helped you cope with your anxiety? 

Coping with anxiety wasn’t easy at first. Therapy has proved to be the most beneficial for me. It’s helped me understand where my graph goes from everything is ok to suddenly going into a panic attack. Going to therapy has played a major role in coping with my anxiety.

It helps me calm myself and take a detour from everything that triggers my anxiety. Apart from therapy, exercise has also helped me in coping with my anxiety. I also try being vocal about my feelings and emotions.

Throughout your journey in music, how have you evolved as an artist?

It all started with a very friendly Bengali aunty who was our family friend in Satna. That’s where it all began. I started appearing for the prayag sangeet exams every year. I would also sing for the Durga pujas where my mom would help me play the harmonium as I as just a kid.

I have learned music from several gharanas. After learning music from Ustaad Rashid Khan’s institute of music, I started diversifying to other genres in music.

As a child growing up in 3 different cities, what was your childhood like- inside and outside the house?

I had a lot of friends growing up in Satna. But as a kid I was really heartbroken when my dance teacher moved away and I switched from dance to music. I would hate going to class as it was mostly in the evenings when all the kid would come out to play.

I would join my friends and play over the weekends. As a kid, I would always be sad that I didn’t get enough time to play and by the time my classes were over all the kids would go back to their homes. Things were very different when I moved to Kolkata.

There weren’t these huge playgrounds like the ones in Satna and the apartments were comparatively smaller. At first, it was all very overwhelming but I realized that the training that I had received in Satna was extremely remarkable that it would help me sustain everywhere I went.

It wasn’t easy for my parents as well. The choices I made whether academics or music wasn’t something that they were familiar with. They’ve always helped me make the right choices and supported everything I did. They’ve always been there to encourage me to achieve my dreams

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

As someone who is anxious, I don’t foresee that ahead in time. I only allow myself to plan the next six months in a very concrete way or an overview perspective for maybe a year or a year and half. So, honestly, I have no clue as to where I’ll be standing 5 years from now.

I may choose to continue with my career in music or I may choose to pursue something else fulltime. My main aim is to be happy with all the choices and be content with all that I am. All I wish 5 years from now is to be healthy, happy & grateful for everything I have.

What is your message for our readers?

My message to all would be to make time for everything that brings joy and happiness to your life. Keep doing things you love and enjoy life every day.

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