Vastu Shastra | Vastu for House | Vastu Tips for Home | वास्तु शास्त्र

Vastu Shastra | Vastu for House | Vastu Tips for Home | वास्तु शास्त्र

Do you want your house to exude positive energy, generate happiness, health and wealth, peace and love?  If your answer is “yes” then you need to analyse layout your house from perspective of “Vastu Shastra“.

Vastu Tips – Interiors of the House

Vastu-Tips-For-HomeAny inspiring motivational pictures, depending upon the functional use of the room should be sparingly used and excessive hanging of pictures should be avoided. Pictures of animal/birds, hunting, nudes, and barren trees, something on fire or dead-stuffed animals should not be hanged in the house. Pictures of pigeons, crows, lions, snakes, vultures, owls, bats, dogs and cats also should not be hanged.

Vastu Tips – Wastage Storage

Waste materials, old clothes, and other articles not in use should be disposed off at the earliest and shall not be stored in the house for longer duration. Daily waste of kitchen should be kept covered in the South-West corner of the kitchen.

Vastu Tips – Central Portion

Vastu-tipsThe central place of the house or building should be left open for ventilation from the top for air and light. Its side wall should be painted white. The central space may be covered at the top of the building with sides mostly open. The pyramidal shape roof is highly beneficial. There should not be any septic tank, well, wastage storage and boring etc, at the center of the building. There should also be no basement, toilet, waste room, kitchen or bedroom at this place.

Vastu Tips – Electric Meter/ Generator

vastu-shastra-tipsAnything that concerns heat and electricity, should be placed in the South-East corner of the building as per Vastu Shastra principles. Even in an individual room also, all electrical appliances should be placed preferably in the South-East corner of the room.


Vastu Tips – Thickness of Walls

The walls should be as thick as possible to maintain the desired electromagnetic environment of the room or building. All external walls preferably should be 13 ½” thick and internal walls should be at least 9” thick. If walls are thinner (9” outer and 4 ½” inner walls) sound and heat insulation will not be proper. Also, the thinner wall will affect the magnetic environment of the room. One may adopt that all walls as thick as 9” thick with external walls treated for waterproofing, grit finish or stone-cladding.

Vastu Tips – Height of Rooms

Compared to the Southern side, the Northern rooms should be bigger by at least 6 to 9”, but shorter in height by 1” to 3”.This is an important principle of Vastu Shastra. The height of rooms should preferably be maintained at 12’ to 14’, as the reinforcement in the slab and beams does have a magnetic effect on human. A heavy cover of at least 1” should be provided to slab reinforcement though bye-laws permit 1/2” cover. No beams should cross the room. The general trend is to have floor to roof height at 9’ to 9’-6” to economize the construction, as the average height of human being is 5’ to 6’,

Vastu Tips – Doors and Windows

Vastu-Tips-Doors-WindowsMain entrance door should always be larger than the inner doors and doors should open towards walls. The height of doors should be at least 7’ with a width of at least 3’6”. Cill level of windows should not be less than 3’6” from the floor level while the top of windows should be at the same level as of doors.

Windows should be more towards the Northern and Eastern side. Windows towards the South should be avoided. On the Western side, the minimum window opening should be provided for cross ventilation of the house.

Always keep the windows and doors clean and dust free so that the money flow is not obstructed. Also keep main door free of repairs and it should be attractive enough to welcome positive energy, wealth and prosperity. The locks should function properly and if possible put plants/wind chimes/name board to welcome life at the gateway to your home.

Vastu Tips – How to improve Love Life?

Do not use bed sheets in black tones, keep in pink and rose tone to encourage love. Pink color makes the surroundings tranquil and heals. Keep uncut rose quartz in the four corners of bedroom because rose quartz is a symbol of love. You can also use scented candles like rose scented, lavender for encouraging feelings of love, affection and emotional health. If you are suffering from depression, you can use color Red in bedroom in the form of pillows/cut flowers/candles. These Vastu Tips help in improving relationship, health and enthusiasm.

Vastu Tips – Pets

Vastu-Tips-Pet-AnimalsPet dogs should not be reared in the house and similarly, pigeons should never be allowed to be reared near the house. Barking dogs on visitors and strangers are quite distracting and concentration on the main subject matter is divided. Students cannot concentrate well on their studies.  Friendship and cordial relationship with the neighbors are affected. Generally, business deals become fluid and seldom get closed satisfactorily.

People living alone away from family, living in remote areas and for old retired people leading a lonely life, pet dogs may be helpful for special security reasons. When pet dogs are reared, they should be preferably in a pair, should be kept outdoors, unchained /unlocked most of the time. One must see that children do not get emotionally attached to them. Children should be encouraged to find a company with neighboring friends rather than dogs. Also rearing the dogs itself is a costly proposition, and special time, money and energy are to be devoted to maintain their hygienic condition and health.

Vastu Tips – Plantations

There are few instructions from Vastu perspective for the plants and trees as per house facing

North Facing: Less plants and planters, donot plant Ashoka and heavy trees. Flower trees are good.

East Facing : Less plants and planters, donot plant Ashoka and heavy trees. Fruit trees are good.

North East : Less plants and planters, donot plant Ashoka and heavy trees. Tulsi and Amla trees are good

South and South East: Red flower trees are good, heavy trees are good, long trees like Ashoka are good

West and North West: White flower trees are good, heavy trees are good, long trees like Ashoka are good

South West : Red flower trees are good, heavy trees are good, long trees like Ashoka are good

Very rightly said by Benjamin Franklin which echoes the spirit of Vastu Shastra

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body!

Benjamin Franklin

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