Vastu Shastra Tips- Circle of Positive Energy using Vastu Shastra

Invite positive energy in your home by applying science of Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra Tips (Vāstu śāstra)

Vastu Sastra (वास्तु शास्त्र), “science of architecture”, is a science of developing an environment-friendly relationship with the invisible and infinite forces of natural elements i.e. air, water, sky, fire, and earth. Recently it is acknowledged that in the construction of house or offices, certain principles of nature should be observed to maintain the equilibrium within the environment around us.


Vastu Shastra for home makes life happy, free from diseases and worries, bringing wealth to those living in the house. Similarly, Vastu for office and compatible workplace provides success, prosperity, and mental peace. The concept of Vastu Shastra for home construction in Hindi is being recognized by the builders as well. House Maps according to Vastu Shastra has started gaining momentum amongst masses for the simple reason that any structure is just not made of bricks, cement, stones, and steel, but what makes it home is human interaction. Of course, luck and destiny do play a role. Due to change in the mindset of millennials, a revolution has been brought about by implementing Vastu Shastra in civil engineering

Though Vastu Shastra is a wide subject and most of the times, it becomes difficult to follow all the principles of Vaastu in practical life, when it comes to building houses and offices. Also, many a time to construct a house strictly according to Vastu guidelines becomes out of reach due to the shortage of land and resources.

Vastu Shastra tips for home aka वास्तु शास्त्र टिप्स

Keeping this in mind, here I am going to brief only scientifically relevant and practically feasible facts of Vaastu Shastra that we all can implement in our lives.

vastu shastra for homeThe five basic elements of nature, air, water, sky, fire, and earth maintain a balance in nature, affecting the organic and inorganic objects directly or indirectly. One should consider the electromagnetic forces of Earth (North-South Pole), the effect of gravitational forces of other planets on the Earth and the Earth’s only satellite, the moon. By balancing these, a harmonious relationship with nature can be established to experience the eternal truth. Let us dwell more deeply into the different elements of nature to understand why a balance is needed

Why SUN in Vastu Shastra – Vastu Shastra tips for home


The source of energy/fire is SUN. I am revisiting what we studied about Sun and its electromagnetic waves, how they affect us and where does Vastu Shastra play a role.

We all know that fire creates light and contributes to the ripening of food and rays of the sun are made up of seven colors- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (VIBGYOR). Also, we are aware that the red color of the sun contains infra-red rays and violet color contains Ultra-violet rays in large proportion. But most of us do not know that Vastu Shastra is based on Sunrays and the invisible effects of these rays. The electromagnetic frequencies have positive as well as harmful effects. Through effective Vastu Shastra, an electro-magnetic friendly environment is created to serve the desired purpose.

vastu-shastra-for-homeThe Sun rises from the east but direction of sunrise changes by a few degrees throughout the year. To drive maximum benefit, the sun rays should fall on the land, while designing Vastu Shastra for the house, no tall or heavy construction or tree is recommended towards the North-East direction. The sunrays should be soaked by water to the maximum extent and it is recommended to have large water bodies in the North-East direction. This is one reason why medically it is suggested to drink more water during day-time and enjoy sunlight during morning hours.

During the night the effect of Moon is maximum on the earth and one could find more psychological disturbances on human mind during Full-Moon (Poornima) or No-Moon (Amavasya) night. Even though the biochemical reaction in all human beings are the same but some people are very sensitive to the influence of the moon, especially under the influence of alcohol.

Why EARTH in Vastu Shastra – Vastu Shastra tips for home

vastu-shastra-movieThe Earth is an important planet of the solar system and we all know that it revolves around the sun along with other planets and satellites. The magnet in the Earth is always steady in the North-South direction and magnetic effect is also present in the human body, the head being take as north- pole while feet are south-pole. It inspires the creation of Vastu Shastra compass. If we sleep with our legs towards the south,  head comes in the direction of Earth’s magnetic North-pole causing repulsion. One cannot have a sound sleep as repulsion adversely affects the blood circulation and mental equilibrium. We should always sleep with our legs towards North for sound sleep and solve sleep disorder problems. We are mentally relaxed when our head (North-Pole) is towards the South Pole of the earth.

Why WATER in Vastu Shastra – Vastu Shastra tips for home

vastu-shastra-for-homeWater is an important element on the Earth. Humans, animals, and plants have 2/3rd of water and cannot survive in its scarcity. Due to the heat of the sun, water evaporates and clouds are formed, which on cooling change into water (rain) again and this cycle goes on. Water is the purifying element and attracts dust particles and impurities in the Air are absorbed. Water creates a new vitality in our life.


Why AIR in Vastu Shastra – Vastu Shastra tips for house

manaiyadi-shastra-vastu-in-tamilDue to the atmosphere on the Earth, living being gets life from oxygen (21%) present in the air. In the Earth’s atmosphere, the largest constituent is nitrogen (78%) which is also essential for the growth of all plants. Most of the plants absorb carbon-dioxide what we exhale, and release oxygen during the daytime (photosynthesis). However, it is opposite during the night. Carbon-dioxide is harmful to our body, hence we should not sleep under a tree in the night or keep plants in the rooms.

The mind gets energy from the air through breathing, so guard against humidity, dust particles and other harmful exhaust gases present in the atmosphere. Most of the ultraviolet rays are coming during the daytime through North-East direction, so do not store rubbish in this corner. Always keep the rubbish covered so carbon-dioxide, nitrogen and other harmful gases could not contaminate the air. Keeping all this in mind, Vastu Shastra says that cremation grounds, sewage treatment plants, pollution caused by factories, and open ganda nallahs, should not be near the house.

Why SKY in Vastu Shastra – Vastu Shastra tips

vastu-shastra-in-marathiThe sky is the divine, magnanimous cosmos and is all vacuum, infinite, limitless and incomprehensive and comprises of numerous Galaxies. Our Galaxy is a spiral, Milky-Way known as Akash-Ganga. We are influenced by the solar system which has nine major planets. The intensity of energy, light, cosmic rays, electromagnetic force, and gravitational force is different on Earth and other planets. Cosmic rays of other planets have an influence on the life of Earth, however, because of distance,  their effect is negligible.

If a house or place of work does not provide mental peace, it is useless. Therefore, the science of Vastu Shastra is nothing but balancing nature’s elements in perfect harmony for the desired purpose. If we examine the life of successful people, we will find that they follow the principles of Vastu Shastra knowingly or unknowingly. Here I have laid the basis of what Vastu Shastra is before dwelling into the details which I will cover in my future posts.

Stay Tuned!

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