Vastu Shastra- How to do Planning and Designing of the exterior of Building?Check it here!

Vastu Shastra-Planning and Designing the exteriors of your house!

What is Vastu? If we go by its literal meaning then it stands for “science of architecture”. In common man’s terms, Vastu Shastra implies abode of Gods and Humans alike, having both religious and “based on logic” significance. Vastu Shastra(vāstu śāstra) has become #lifestyle inspired by rich Vedic culture endorsing the right balance of the five elements Earth, fire, water, space, and air to ensure healthy aeration, sunlight and positive energy in the home. As per Vastu Shastra, there is a soul in every element of earth and is influenced by electromagnetic forces encircling the earth. Hence by the use of Vastu Shastra principles, it is tried to create an environment-friendly electro-magnetic field in the house, structure or in a room to serve the desired purpose.

Now let us discuss further in the series of Vastu Shastra for home, how to have a positive flow of energy, spirit, and aura necessary to give the members of the house a sense of vitality, fortune, and happiness.

Vastu Shastra Direction of House – वास्तु शास्त्र के अनुसार घर


East, North, and North-East facing houses are the best. Whenever it is not possible, the maximum North-East area of the plot should be kept open to receive maximum auspicious sunrays on the land.

This is the ideal place for water boring. An underground water tank or the swimming pool or small fountain or lotus tank/pond shall be constructed in this area.


If the plot is not sloping towards the North-East direction, it can be landscaped accordingly by bringing in good quality earth. Tall trees should be planted in the West or South–West direction to keep the land dry. There should not be ay leakage of water through tanks in this area. Rainwater should also be quickly drained off to the North-East corner of the land.

Now how to find the direction and facing of your home in simple and easy steps? 


For most of us the entire concept of finding directions is confusing, but believe me, it is not. You need to have a basic idea of how to use a compass which you can easily access from mobile apps. If you do not have a compass then keep a note of the direction in which the sun rises which we all know is East. If you follow the simple steps given below, you can correctly identify the facing of your home

  • First Step: At the entrance of your house, stand such that you are going out
  • Second Step: Note down the direction displayed in compass while standing at the entrance facing outside. If it is showing North East then the direction of your house is North East facing house

How to Check Direction of House as per Vastu

Now let us revise what we have been taught during our childhood days all the 8 directions which will help in laying out the best possible direction from the perspective of Vastu


There are 4 main and 4 sub directions amounting to a total of 8. Knowledge of these 4 sub-directions is equally important from Vastu Shastra perspective because the knowledge will be utilized in putting up different structures

Above I have covered how to identify the 4 main directions i.e. North, South, East, and West. Now let us focus what and how to identify the 4 sub-directions. Refer to the adjoining diagram of the compass for more clarity.


  1. North East – You can see the direction where the North and East sides meet, it is labeled as North-East corner
  2. South East – At an angle of 45 degrees, it is the point where South and East sides meet
  3. North West – This corner is  where West meets North
  4. South West – A corner where main directions South and West meet

Now we are done with the basics, let us move forward in our next post on Vastu Shastra Tips for Home in English

The evaluation of the compatibility of land from Vastu Shastra perspective has been captured in & also the basic Vaastu Shastra tips which all of us can follow can be accessed from

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