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Vastu Tips for Colors at Home | Vaastu Tips For Home


Vastu-Colors-For-HomeWhy do we need to take the help of Vastu Shastra for picking the right set of colors for different rooms of the house? Vastu Tips for home suggests that colors emit energy of sun which reinstates life by making a connection with the sub-conscious core. This sets up the atmosphere of the house. Wall colors according to vastu suggest that the main building and internal rooms should be as per the auspicious number of the owner who is going to live in the rooms of the house and it can be predicted according to the date of birth by using numerology. While finding the auspicious number, the only date should be considered while month and year are not considered. While choosing the wall colors according to vastu, always prefer light soothing pastel shades over dark sparkling colors. Dark colors should be used sparingly for contrast purpose only. Auspicious Vastu Colors for home exterior walls of the building is done according to numerology.

Wall colors according to Vastu

From the color card, you can see that each direction has its own color, but it may not be necessary that it works to the benefit of the owner.


  • East – White or light blue
  • North – Shades of Green
  • North East – Shade of Yellow
  • North West –Light Green, white, light grey and cream are the best options because North West direction is associated with air
  • West – It is the place of ‘Varun’ (i.e., water) and the best colors are blue or white
  • South – Red, and Pink
  • South East – Silver White color
  • South-west – Shades of Purple and Blue


Auspicious vastu colors for home walls are given in the table below for reference

Rooms Vastu Colors for Home Walls
Vastu Colors for Place of Worship, Meditation Room, Study Room White, Off-White
Vastu Colors for Bathroom Sky Blue, Light Green, Off-White, Pastel shades, Tiles pattern of Flowery designs
Vastu Colors for Kitchen Light Red, Light Yellow, Pink, Light Chocolate, Orange
Vastu Colors for Bed Room Bright blue, Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Orange, Chocolate, Royal Purple, White

For vastu color of the master bedroom, opt for pink as it is a color that brings happiness and warmth

Children’s Bedroom White, Off-White, Light pastel shades
Vastu Colors for Open space
  • Ceiling – White;  Sky blue
  • Flooring –  Light Green
Vastu Colors for Hall
  • Light Green, Sky Blue, White
  • Flooring – Light Green
Vastu Colors for Dining Room Light Yellow, Light Green, Orange, Light Red, Off-White, Light Pastel Shades
Vastu Colors for Living Room Yellow, Green, Blue, Beige, Tan

*In case of multi-purpose bed-rooms used for adults, children, and guest, one may use neutral and versatile, white and off-white colors.

For reflection of mood, one may use proper colored clothes and curtains as stated above.

Vastu Colors for Home Exterior Walls

To build a positive circle of energy in and around the house, the exteriors of the house cannot be neglected. In addition to the walls, make a note for the window boxes as well. Depending upon the direction facing of the house you can plan the outer walls color for home.

  • Vastu Tips for North Facing / North East: Yellow and its shades
  • Vastu Colors for East Facing: Pastel Green
  • Vastu Tips for South/South East/South West facing home: Red/ Terracotta/ shades of brown
  • Vastu Colors for West and North West facing: White, Grey, Light Blue

Window color should be different from the color opted for window casement.

Check Vastu Tips for home on the link

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