Vastu For House Purchase-How to choose Vastu compatible plot for construction?

Vastu Shastra for House-Understand the positive & negative aspects of a potential plot

Fundamentals of Vastu Shastra while finalizing Plot

While selecting a plot, Vastu Shastra plays a critical role because factors such as site, orientation, contour, and gradient and soil quality related to stationary land emit both positive and negative energy. This is because Vastu for house purchase is based on rational and scientific interpretation meant to be followed if understood. While finalizing a plot one should take care of 5 basic properties of land – Site, its orientation, contour, its gradient, and soil quality. The land or plot should be selected by taking into account the geographical surroundings, the level of the land and the roads around the plot. Vastu for home will be explained in detail to make my point more vivid and logical.


Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for the Site of Land

If there exists a pond, lake or river on the Eastern or Northern side it is best quality plot as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. If plot face roads along North and Eastside is considered to be the best plot. If there is a hill, mountain or tall building and tall trees towards South-West or West direction, the land /plot is considered to be auspicious.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for the Orientation of Land

As per Vastu science, all directions are good to go with each of the 4 directions having specific benefits. East facing house plan is always considered auspicious for teaching community, scholars, and philosophers. West facing house plan plots works best for those who work for the social cause. The north facing house plan land is considered best for government officials or those who are in the seat of power. We are left with business class for whom South facing house plan yields the best,

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for the shape of Land/Plot

The contour of the plot has both positive and negative influence over the ones inhabiting the house. Some shapes can be constructed by applying Vastu corrections. Thumb rule is that the plot is considered best if it is a square or rectangular up to the ratio of 1:2. The longer side is preferred pointing towards the East. Also, keep in mind that the ratio of length to breadth should not be greater than 2. This is for those who are planning to purchase a land. But for those who already are in the possession or have a house built on.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for Square Plots

vastu-for-houseA square plot is always considered to be an ideal one because as per Vastu Shastra, it focusses on all-round development, affluence and contentment of its occupants. Our ancestors preferred building on a square plot because it enabled better ventilation.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for Rectangular Plots

vastu-shastra-in-hindiA rectangular plot is considered good for health, wealth, financial growth, happiness and prosperity but in the ratio of 1:2 with the longer side preferably pointing towards the East.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for Circular/Elliptical/Oval Plots

Such plots are considered as a bad omen for the owners and should be avoided as per Vastu. Circular plots hamper growth and prosperity, ill health and other complications in the life of the owners.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for Plots with more than 4 sides

vastu-shastra-in-hindiThis can take shape of Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon and as per Vastu should never be bought construction because people living such plots always constantly live in apprehension.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for Diagonal Plots

The plots in which the major directions fall in the corners are known as Diagonal Plots. In these plots, the magnetic meridian (North-south Pole) instead of passing through the center of the plot, makes an angle of 450 or near about with the main axis of the plot.  In the Diagonal Plots, the construction should not be oblique or diagonal to the plot for getting the main direction of the construction. All construction should be parallel to the direction of the plot and the adjacent roads.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for Semi-Diagonal and Extended Plots

Plots with irregular shapes should adapt Vastu Shastra rules before use. In such plots, maximum open space should be left in the North-East direction.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for the ideal Soil of Land/Plot

vastu-for-house-purchaseAs per Vastu Shastra, the soil of the plot should not have large salt content and water should be sweet and pot-able. Ground water-table should be at least 10-12 feet below the existing ground level or deeper but in no case deeper than 30 feet. Also, it should not have sanitary back-filled or reclaimed soil of mala, rubbish, bones, hair and filthy material. Vastu Shastra for house says that soil should be good and fertile for growing flower plants and trees. Soil for farming, colored in shades of red/brown/yellow is considered high quality for laying the foundation of building whereas soil color like clayey and black deemed not fit for farming are also not considered fit for constructing a compliant Vastu Shastra for house. The simple reason is that clayey and black have the power to retain water due to which cost of fixing drainage and waterproofing will be much higher than the normal ones. Now let us talk about rocky prone and worms filled soil, which is also not conducive for building house adding extra expenditure to making foundation solid.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for the slope of Land/Plot

vastu-for-house-purchaseThe plot should be sloping towards North-East to make an abundance of water, in other words, the South-West corner should be highest and North-East corner at the lowest level. Due to water, cosmic rays filter down to the earth which enhances the soil properties and air quality. It does have a good effect on the growth of plants. The overall effect on people is positive for the growth and development of brain cells. The South-west corner should be as dry as possible. Instead, big trees should be planted in this corner as these trees will absorb more water through the soil to make the area dry.

Vastu Shastra Fundamentals for the boundary of Land/Plot

All the plots should have boundary walls to contain the energy level and the magnetic field inside the plot. In the west and South, there should be thick and high compound walls. In a North and Eastside, the wall should be thinner and dwarf. Wire fencing is the best towards North and East. If there is no boundary wall, the benefits of energy level and the magnetic field will not be obtained.

Vastu Tips for House Purchase

vastu-tips-in-hindiBefore buying a plot, stand on the plot and try to get the feel and vibrations coming from it. If it is positive, then only go for it.

Check the history of land before choosing a plot. It should have been inhabited in past by happy and vibrant people

Select a land with has roads on all 4 sides with the best alternative being a plot having roads on the North or East. This is to ensure that proper ventilation and light enters the house associated with prosperity and happiness.

In the South-west direction, tall trees should be planted while in the North- East area, large water body should be constructed.

Vastu Tips to avoid purchasing land


Do not go for an eerie or decaying house. Check the history of house antecedents, if anyone had done suicide or many deaths happened over a few months, do not buy.

Steer clear of noisy or crowded places like hospital, market, religious buildings, community centers, school, college, metros crossing. Avoid smelly surroundings like a butcher shop, laundry, open sewage, and drainage pipes, near garbage collection centers, burial ground, or a crematorium.

Do not go for a plot which has cracks or wet soil. If the soil of the plot is not good, the top layer of the soil should be back-filled by good Earth brought from outside. In order to keep your privacy avoid a plot at a fork of T or Y roads.

Actual correction shall depend on the exact size of the plot, geographical surroundings and quality of soil of the land and desired benefits can be achieved by balancing the principles of Vastu Shastra.

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