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An All Inclusive Guide to Vastu Shastra for Home

Vastu For Home

The science behind Vastu Shastra needs to be understood in entirety before implementation. Before implementing Vastu for House, one should grasp the basics and logic about Vastu Tips from practitioners, refer to the link . For those who understand, now the question arises why do you need “Vastu Shastra for Home“? The reason is very simple – Home is the place where you spend the entire life with your loved ones and you want harmonious relations with the inmates. Vastu Tips, when implemented, help to minimize the negative energies and promote positive vibrations, keeping a check on the financial, mental and spiritual balance of the people in the house.

Vastu Tips – Position and Direction of House

The planned house should be divided arbitrarily into nine regions, based on the effects of sunrays and the electromagnetic field of the environment, for its VastuShastra compatibility. If this is followed correctly, the life passes smoothly with good health, wealth and prosperity. For smaller plots and flats, it may not be possible to have distinct nine regions but optimized solutions can be adopted taking good care of air and light. Furniture should be minimal as per necessity and folding furniture is preferred to create more space. For details on Vastu For Home Plan, you can visit the link on TheTelescope website.

The interior planning of the house/building should be as follows, ideally, the location of each room has been shown in the diagram below. I am briefly explaining the location of each room below.


Vastu Tips – Puja Room

Vastu-for-Puja-GharVastu for Puja Ghar – The best direction suggested by Vastu Shastra for Puja Room is in the North-East corner followed by East and Northside. If this room has a shape of pyramid i.e. with slopes on four sides and is square in shape, it is considered to be most auspicious for meditation and mental relaxation. In case of shortage of space, this location may be used for study or office work requiring concentration. No unnecessary articles should be kept here and no part of this room should be separated by large heavy curtains for multi-purpose use.

DO NOT for Puja Room – The toilet should not be built above or below this room

Vastu Tips – Master Bed Room, Children Room

Vastu-Tips-for-BedroomVastu for Bedroom –  Master bedroom and adult bedroom should be in the South-West corner. If there is more than one floor, the head of the family should have a bedroom on the upper story. The roof slab should be in level and should not be sloping, neither circular nor pyramidal in shape. Head clearance of bedroom should be uniform so that its energy level.

Vastu-Tips-for-BedroomVastu Tips for Bedroom – Children’s room should be in the North-West or on the Westside and may be combined with their study table. Compared to Southern rooms, the Northern rooms should be bigger and shorter in height by 1” to 3”, it is important from VastuShastra aspects.

DO NOT for Master Bedroom Vastu – The North-East direction is considered auspicious for deities, so no bedroom should be built in this direction. Avoid building Puja Ghar. Avoid a mirror in front of the bed. No plants or aquarium in the bedroom.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

vastu-for-kitchenKitchen Vastu – The kitchen should be built in the South-East corner of the building. A North West Kitchen vastu can be of a second choice but if the kitchen is in the North-East direction, mental peace may be disturbed.

DO NOT for Kitchen Vastu – Kitchen should not be in North East direction and the gas burner should not be in front of the main door of the kitchen. Keep broom outside the kitchen. No mirror should be put in the kitchen

Vastu Tips – Dining Room

vaastu-for-dining-roomDining Table Vastu – The dining room should be adjoining the kitchen towards the East side. The inmates should be seated such that they face North East direction while eating. Ideally, the dining table should be square or rectangular in shape and never be round, egg-shaped, hexagonal or of irregular shape. The color of the dining hall should be light green, pink or yellow.oom.

DO NOT for Dining Room Vastu – There should not be any attached toilet in the dining hall. The door of the dining room and the main entrance door of the house should not be facing each other.

Vastu Tips – Living Room /Drawing Room


Vastu for Living Room –  It should always be constructed in the North, East or North-West direction. Furniture should be square or rectangular in shape. Guest should be seated in North West or South East of Drawing room and you should be seated in the East or North direction. Place statues of Ganesh ji at the entrance. Keep the aquarium in the North direction. Keep some musical node danglers at the entry.

Do Not for Vastu for Living Room– Furniture of the Living room should never be circular, triangular, egg-shaped, and hexagonal or any odd shaped.  Living rooms with double height with stairs leading to Mezzanine should not be constructed which are generally preferred in the waiting halls, reception area, banking halls etc of large public buildings.

Vastu Tips – Toilets and Bathrooms


Bathroom Vastu – Bathrooms adjacent to the North-East corner is useful but should never be constructed in the center of the building. It should be avoided in the South-West corner to maintain the area dry as far as possible. The colors of the walls and tiles of the bathroom should be white, light blue or any pleasing pastel shade.

The toilets should never be constructed in the center of the building and never in the East or the North-East corner. The toilet should be constructed to the west of the building or the North-west side of the building. Toilet seat should be placed such that the person using should face North direction. A toilet in the bathroom is not advisable unless absolute hygiene without foul smell could be maintained.

Vastu Tips – Store Room


Store Room Vastu – If storeroom is essential, it should be located in the south of the house/ main building. Though in modern construction, loft and separate store room are generally not preferred and things can be stored in Diwans and Bed-box. One should not sleep over provisions to avoid sleep disorder. Grains and other provisions may be stored in the kitchen and other rooms in cupboards as required. Note the elevation of Store Room – as per Vastu tips, the height should not be at the same height as other rooms in the home, preferably elevated. Walls of the store should be painted in light color preferably in shades of yellow, white or sky blue so as to repel insects.

Vastu Tips – Study Room

Vastu-for-Study-roomStudy Room Vastu – The study room should be to the East, North-West, East, North or North-East side, because at these sides, the good effects of Budh (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus) and Surya (Sun) can be achieved. Mercury increases the brain power, Sun increases ambitions and fire, Jupiter increases knowledge and wisdom, and Venus helps in generating new thoughts and ideas. A child should always sit facing East, North or North-East direction in the study room. Book rack should always be on the Southern or Western Wall. The colors of the walls and tiles should be sky blue, cream, light green or white.

The toilet should never be in the study room, but bathroom may be there. If the person is not going to sleep in the study room, the pyramidal shape of this room gives fantastic benefits. A bookshelf should never be placed above the study table. The shape of the children study table should always be square or rectangle.

Vastu Tips – Shoe Rack

vastu-tips-shoe-rackShoe Rack as per Vastu Tips should be placed in South West and West. Directions North, North East, and East zones need to be avoided.

Where to keep shoe rack in house according to vaastu – 

Shoe cupboards should never be placed at the entrance of the house because their placement interferes with positive energies. Shoe rack should never be placed in Bedroom or near kitchen and puja rooms.

Vastu Tips – Locker or Almirah

vastu-tips-locker-roomVastu Tips for Money Luck –  The locker or almirah should ideally be located in the South direction of the room, except south-east and south-west. The front side of locker should face north wall because north direction belongs to Kuber, God of Wealth. Locker should never be put in the North-East corner because it will result in loss of wealth. Valuables like gold, silver should ideally be placed in the Western or Southern side of the locker.
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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for such a good summary of vastu rules.
    I just have couple of clarifications needed, if you can-
    1. The very first image in this article shows husband-wife room in NW but later in details, master bedroom should be in SW. So which one is it?
    2. What is the vastu for office? is it same as study room?

    Thank you again.

    1. Hi Shivani

      The best location for the master bedroom is southwest.
      Northwest is good for a person who has to travel a lot for work.
      Vastu for office is the same for study room, keeping in mind that important files should be kept in South direction. Always keep pending work file in a northwest direction.

      I hope it helps you to lay out the plan.

      Thanks with best regards
      Kumkum Gupta

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