Vastu Building Plans, read in detail for Vastu Norms in shape, height, construction and foundation

Vastu Building Plans, read in detail for Vastu Norms in shape, height, construction and foundation

Vastu Shape of Building

To build an ideal cosmic home, the science of Vastu Shastra plays a very critical role. This is because it helps in designing houses which encourages a flow of harmonious relationship between living settings with physical and cosmic energy, in other words, प्राण, (prāṇa).

vastu-shastra-movieGreater significance is attached to the direction in Vastu Shastra, but the shape of the building plays an equally significant role but right direction is predominantly true for any property. The shape of building as per vastu is critical in deciding both the affluence and inner happiness of residents of the house. For residential and commercial property, the shape of building according to vastu varies and needs to be understood to derive maximum.

Vastu Shastra Shape of Building

The most ideal shape of the building is square or rectangular with a maximum ratio of 1:2. Corners of the building should form 900. Circular shapes should be avoided in residential buildings, with the exception of religious, judicial, parliamentary and other government buildings of charitable nature or meat for a common public cause. Business and commercial buildings and other structures of private nature should avoid circular shape.

Vastu Shastra Height of Building

vastu-shastra-height-of-buildingThe height of rooms should be kept as maximum as possible. Greater the height of the building, it is better. Steel reinforcement provided in the slab affect the magnetic environment of the room, so by having more height, this effect is minimized. As per bye-laws though floor to floor height of 10 feet is permissible, 12 to 16 feet should be preferred.

No beam should cross the room, nor there any column in the middle of the room.

Vastu Shastra for Home Construction

vastu-shastra -for-home-construction-in-hindiBest quality of materials should be used for construction purposes. Maximum use of wood and other non-magnetic metals like brass or aluminum should be made as these materials do not affect the magnetic environment.

Vastu Shastra for Ground Level and Plinth Level

The ground level of the plot should be higher at least 6” to 1’ than the adjoining top of the drain level or at the same level as of the neighbors. The gradual slope of 3” for every 30’ of length from South-West to North-East corner should be created, so water can be drained off quickly to maintain the dryness of South-West corner. Plinth level should be at least 1’6” to 2’ higher than the highest ground level of the plot provided in the South-West corner.

Vastu Shastra for Foundation of Building

Building foundations should be at equal or at a lower level than the adjoin foundations of the neighboring structures or the foundations of the drains/nallahs. It should be minimum of 4’ to 6’ below the existing ground level of the plot.

Vastu Shastra for Basement

Vastu-Shastra-for-FoundationAs far as possible, basements should not be constructed for business or residential purposes. In the basement, there will be a lot of dampness due to adjoining soil, and ventilation of air and sunrays will be minimal. Normally ceiling of the basement is also kept low, so persons living in basements cannot be happy.

If in basements, manufacturing is done, workers will lack concentration and production quality and output will be low. If at all, the basement is to be constructed, it should be located in the North-East corner of the plot and ceiling should be at least 10-12’ high. It should be preferably air-conditioned. Basements, tunnel, and bomb shelters are good for use in an emergency, so should be constructed as per needs.

Vastu Shastra for Main Gate

Generally, prosperity in the building is associated with the main/entrance gate, so it should be in the right place/ direction. Vastu Shastra for main door should be preferably towards the North-East direction of the plot but for a west facing plot, it should be towards North-West direction. For South facing plots, Vastu Shastra for main gate should be towards the South-West corner.

vastu-shastra-for-main-door-direction-in-hindiGenerally, every building should have two gates. The main gate should always be bigger than the other doors in the building. The main gate should always open in the inner side of the building and should never be slanting, semi-circular, sliding or noise making. There should not be any tree, temple, ironing shop, cobbler’s place, electric pole, urinal, pit, open nallah, crematorium, court, jail, hospital etc. As per Vastu Shastra for main door, every day in the morning, water should be sprinkled before the gate on the ground.

Vastu Shastra for Compound Wall Gate

vastu-shastra-for-compound-wall-gateAs per Vastu Shastra for compound wall gate, the wall on the South and West side should be taller and thicker than on the walls of the East and Northside. Moreover, it should not support any of the building structure. The building should always be placed in the South-West corner of the plot while the East-North area should be left open.

Vastu Shastra for Roof Slope

All roof slopes should be from South-West direction to North-East corner and slope should be kept 3” for every 30’ of length to facilitate easy drainage of rainwater. The North-East corner shall be drained by rainwater pipes and drains should be covered.

Vastu Shastra for Balcony

Balconies should also be constructed in the N-E directions only and should be well ventilated from the front. It should not be covered from the top but open grills and railings can be adopted.


Vastu Shastra for Loft and Mezzanines

Loft and Mezzanines construction is not advisable as they display an adverse psychological effect on the human mind, by affecting the magnetic environment of the room.  The person will not get enough oxygen and feels suffocated, hence reduced efficiency.

If required, mezzanines may be constructed in double height lobby/halls.  They are generally successful in banks and waiting halls of large public buildings.

Vastu Shastra for Staircase

Staircase shall be in the South-West part of the house and should never be in the North-East corner, never be in the central square of the building. The staircase flight should always be clockwise. Open staircase with grills and railings, well ventilated are the best. Staircase railing should not be made of walls. The circular staircase should be avoided with the exception of public and government buildings.

Vastu Shastra for Overhead Water Tank

Water-Tank-Vastu-TipsIt should be in the North-West corner of the building, never be constructed in the central portion of the building. A tank should not leak and all water should be drained out towards North-East corner of the plot.



Vastu Shastra for Servant Quarters

As far as possible, servant quarter should be avoided and if needed, should always be away from the main building and should be constructed in the South or south-East direction. It should be totally independent and its construction should not be supported by any wall of the building, including the compound wall.

Services of servants should not be utilized after sunset as they are easily affected by the moon.

Vastu Shastra for Garage

vaastu-shastra_garageThe garage should be constructed in the South-East or North-West corner and should only be used only for parking of the vehicles or storage purposes. If the North-East corner is closed by constructing a garage, the energy of the plot is destroyed. The garage should never take the support of the main building or compound wall.


Vastu Shastra for Garden

Garden-Vastu-TipsFlowering, medicinal and decorative small plants should be planted towards East, North-East, North or North-West side only. Trees should be planted towards South-East and South-West side. Medium sized trees can be planted towards West or South direction. Tulsi (Basil) should be grown on East, North-East or North corner of the house. Thorny cactus plants and other ugly looking plants should never be planted in the house.

Plants and trees should never be brought from cemeteries or cremation grounds.

Vastu Shastra for Garbage Disposal

Garbage should never be dumped in the North-East side of the house. It should always be kept covered and well sanitized in the South-East corner of the house.

The evaluation of the compatibility of land from Vastu Shastra perspective has been captured in & also the basic Vaastu Shastra tips which all of us can follow can be accessed from One can read the planning before buying a house and how to read directions from the blog post-

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