The paradoxical generation..iGeneration

Generation Z - self-focussed generation, lost in electronic media

What’s wrong with today’s generation – Ever been so stressed out that you wait for the week to just get over and you plan to leave for an outing with that backpack? If yes, don’t worry. For that’s the case with almost every Gen Z these days! People #hateMondays, they hate going to work or study and just #loveweekends. So you’re not ALONE.

paradoxical generation

There’s been an evidently increasing obsession among people towards travelling. Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed and you’ll see pictures of iGen, squads and families on vacations. Now I feel the problem with our generation is that we don’t just want to wait.

We have shattered equations with our parents, but we seek casual relationships for fun. We wish someone could understand us, but we don’t want things to get serious too.

We,Post-Millennials,judge people based on their personality and character comes nowhere into the picture. In this overly commercialized world, all that glitters is gold for people and it sells! I bet you must have noticed what people wear for a week, in these times of crushes and flings! But very often do you notice someone’s character and integrity.

What is gen z? Single. Broke by the month end. Struggling with grades. And this is the worst, trying our level best to stay in shape!  We want a high profile and enjoyable life with mediocre living ethics. Seldom does it happen that those group plans are materialized and we actually go to that long awaited trip with our friends. Otherwise most of the times we’re just being couch potatoes on the weekends and what we do is netflix, chill, repeat. But no, we don’t want to settle for a normal life with no influence on social media either, eh!

“I’ll be cutting down on food within some time, but that cool pair of sunglasses, or that wristwatch, can also boost my social influence and my image! So why not go for it? :D”

Millennials and Generation Z

That’s just so sad about young generation of today! And I have seen today’s youth starving but compromising on the coolness quotient would be the last thing they ever do.

This phenomenon sets my mind running wild. Is this really justified on our part to do all that right now?

We stay so busy, doing things that aren’t much effective at the end of day. We sleep like we worked our asses off the previous day, but somewhere deep within us, we know that we’re just passing time and not investing it on ourselves.

Books and newspapers have been replaced by blogposts, physical activity by mental work, family by random friends who stay for no longer than a month. And the worst effect has been on faith and prayers, for they have been replaced by giving away money to beggars and smoking in the name of Lord Shiva!

So here’s something for you honey, my dear reader,  who has stayed all this long. Just take out five minutes to reflect on your life and ponder, where is it all going? Am I confined to just this? Is it really worth it if I’m waiting for the #Friday all week long?Millennials and Generation Z

It’s my tried and tested technique. Once you do this activity repeteadly, your heart will answer where it dwells. Realise your passion, plan accordingly and just go for it! We are actually just one decision away from living a totally different life. Challenge your own limits. Hit the gym. Complete your pending works. Pray to The Supreme Power, our creator. Restore some long lost relations and most of all, stay happy.

So suno sabki, karo dil ki! Aur mujhe bas duaaon mei yaad rakhna 😛

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