Save self from virus GUILT

Save Yourself from self created virus - GUILT

Are our brains being infected by a VIRUS named ‘GUILT’?

Slowly and steadily, we have started to accept that we are NOT perfect. We are the root cause of all problems in the world.

Root Cause of Problem

Everywhere there are several problems. Well, I don’t have a problem with problems. But what is serious is that we are unknowingly being targeted to accept that we, ourselves are the root cause of every problem.

Don’t believe? Read ahead.

Let’s recall a “SAVE TIGERS” campaign a few years back. Only a few tigers are left. Everyone was flashing on all social platforms that we should save TIGERS. OK. What can I do to save tigers? Should I go to the forest, find it out -hopefully, I will not become a delicious food for the Tigers, and save it? Save it from what? Are there no forest rangers? If yes, what are they doing? Still, we feel ashamed if only a few tigers are left, not the concerned ones.

Similarly, give a thought about the cleanliness. We, ‘the people’ are blamed for keeping our country dirty. ‘We urinate on the sides of a road, we should not do this’. True. But if I go to a local bus stand, and there is no toilet nearby, or the toilet is too dirty, what should I do? Should one lodge a complaint with local authorities and wait till the problem is solved, and control the pressure for a few days or months? Can we have a mobile app on which we can find out nearby toilet whenever we want to? Do you think it would be a good idea?

Who are the people who travel by metro? Who are the people who visit malls? Who are the people who go to the airport? Are these people different from those who go to the local bus stand or railway station? Why do we have two extremes? At a place which is clean, say a mall, an airport, or the metro station; we including every one of us, hesitate to through rubbish on the floor. If we are unable to find a dustbin, we ask someone ‘where is the dustbin?’ And we are confident that we shall find a dustbin within reach. But, if there is a lot of rubbish around us, we are tempted not to search a dustbin. If you find many packets of potato chips lying on the floor around you, would you still like to ask a nearby shopkeeper, “where can I find a dustbin to throw this empty packet of mine?” In fact, who is really responsible for the dirty floor is being protected and we the people are blamed because someone else his not fulfilling his duties properly.

The same is happening in every aspect of life. More and more cosmetics are being sold to hide the ugly side of you. More and more items of clothing are there to hide your body shape and grace. More and more hair dyes are available to make your hair in perfect color. More and more foodstuff is available for us to choose from the ‘most suitable’ one for us. All of the packaged edibles have nutrition information thus asking us to have only the one that is best for us- so many calories, carbohydrates in excess, sugar, sodium and blah blah. We have started making our bodies to become prisoners of numbers- BP, weight, BMI, cholesterol level, blood sugar, bone density and this and that.

Low Self Esteem

For one day, for one single day, try to live for yourself. Wake up at a time you want, not by the schedule. Have something in breakfast you like irrespective of what is recommended for you based on calories, carbohydrates etc., wear that makes you comfortable, without worrying ‘what other people would think’, pass your day doing whatever you want to do! As a first, you’d be recalling your recent holiday to a nearby hill station, near sea-beach or at a resort. But was that exactly the same you wish, or we have started to live within boundaries?

I have no problem at all with advertising, marketing, sales promotion of companies saying that you are not perfect, and you should buy our products to become perfect. It is their business. My worry is just that we have started believing that we are not perfect; believing that we are the cause of all problems.

Is the mankind now converting towards the hub of people who have started hating themselves for ‘GUILT’? 

You all are welcome to share your views.

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