These Beautiful Handmade Artworks Will Add Positivity To Your Home

Home means positivity. Home is just not the four walls but it is a place where we can feel the positive aura and where we can be ourselves. To make these four walls a home, we often decorate it with beautiful decorative items, paintings, flowers, photo frames etc. And to add positivity and some charm to the walls of your home, you can put up some beautiful artworks that will soothe your mind.

We often find some beautiful artworks and they are pretty expensive. But an emerging artist is selling her beautiful handmade artworks at affordable prices. The paintings are 100% handmade and are available for purchase on her website. MoralMeetsMural is a web gallery of handmade artworks having deep, inner meanings, meant for the walls to make them come alive and create a positive aura inside your living space.

The Website offers a wide variety of painting categories like Art prints, Abstract painting, Doodle
Art, Mythological paintings, Still Life, Scenery, Knife Painting, Black And White Paintings, Water
Colour Paintings, Paintings for Kids Room etc.

Let’s have a look at some beautiful artworks:

1- Art Prints: As the name suggests, it is a soft copy of the painting that will be sent to the email id of
the customer. No hard copy will be shipped and delivered. Art Prints come at a very affordable price
of Rs 50 each.

Click here to buy this Uber Gal art print.

Planning to buy this? Click here

Visit more art prints like these from here:

Poster Paintings: There are a number of options inside Poster Painting like Abstract Art, Scenery, and
Still Life etc starting from Rs.150 only.
These paintings are meant to give an extra edge to your place at a very reasonable price.

This art piece is made by a knife on a 300gsm paper which is acid and chlorine free. It is Suitable for your living room, bedroom, office etc to give an extra edge to the place.

Click here to purchase.

This is an Acrylic Knife Painting made on a 400gsm paper. Click here to buy.

Visit more abstract Paintings by clicking on this click and you would be amazed to see the artwork.
For Scenery:

Wall Arts: Wall arts also have many categories like Doodle Art, Kids Room Paintings, and Quotes etc.

Put this beautiful wall art in your kids room and make it more colorful.

It is priced at just Rs 200 and can be bought here. 

Visit more from here:

All the paintings are created on A3, A4, A5 papers which are of 300/400gsm (grams per square
meter). The papers are quite thick and are acid and chlorine free. All the paintings which are present on
the website have been given a clear description so they recommend you to read them before placing
the order. All the paintings will be sent unframed as to avoid any type of damage.

The website offers a range of customization related to the choice and vision of the customer. The paintings can be customized according to the specified requirements and selection of the size of the paper (A3, A4 and A5) can also be done on which the paintings are to be made.

In case one wants to buy customized paintings, then an email, having all the specifications of the painting, should be sent to [email protected] . MoralMeetsMural can also be contacted via Instagram at their Instagram handle @moralmeetsmura) and Facebook.

MoralMeetsMural provides WorldWide Shipping. The Shipping charges are free across India for
normal delivery which usually takes 7-10 days, but if the customer opts for expedite delivery, that should
be conveyed via email and the customer will have to pay the expedite delivery charges.

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