Why do men need protection from feminists’ attacks?

Why do men need protection from feminists’ attacks?

In diverse cultural locales, women have been oppressed lot facing institutionalized bias over centuries, which has led to feminist movements. Women’s liberation movement is a mass crusade, similar to political/ communist/ socialist/ students movements happened across the world where like-minded individuals have their distinctive view for each issue. Call of women for equal opportunity is ethically correct but there are few female ideologists who have deviated from the essence of the liberation movement. They setup anti-male ideological foundations which emerged over a period of time as  assault against men folks.


Also in reaction to the women uprising, we are faced with questions like ‘Why it is that men so often feel threatened by feminism?’ When the behavior of some menfolk gets criticized from the standpoint of feminism, they turn out to be defensive while rejecting the philosophies of feminism. In other words, you can say that ‘feeling attacked’ is measured by the amount of ‘getting defensive’. These so-called self-proclaimed male chauvinists have certain undeserved compensation in society as compared to women. They feel that “extra special begging” by feminazis is a well-thought attempt to seize additional privileges from the menfolk. It so happens that these extra benefits come at the cost of conceding some from men. For instance, the government has introduced reservations for deserving women in colleges/jobs due to which many ‘meritorious’ men might lose the opportunity. This prompts them to think that their rights are getting snatched away and they feel attacked.

But they are true in some cases. In today’s cut-throat competition of the corporate world, it is observed that women do have unearned advantages in comparison to males. They have started using their brain and beauty to get a promotion which men have to toil for. There are some forms of discrimination against men by women which go unnoticed or reported. Some of the common examples in today’s world are

  • Domestic violence inclusive of mental torture committed by women against men goes unreported and unheard of.
  • There is a gender-neutral law related to domestic violence but is named as Violence Against WOMEN Act and gives same protection rights to both genders in theory. But whenever such a case arises, man is more likely to get arrested
  • Men are mandated to pay for child support under almost every scenario inclusive of a rape case
  • Males fall easy prey to false rape cases
  • Male survivors of sexual assault are side-lined and unheeded more in comparison to women

In short, Men also need a movement to protect their rights and bring forward their sufferings whether be physical or psychological

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