Let’s find out why love for ‘#BLACK’ never fades…

Color #Black never goes out of fashion

Well, Ladies, won’t it be just so unfair of anyone to talk about #BLACK color and not to mention Chanel?

Black clothes were always associated with mourning and piety for centuries. It wasn’t until 1926 when all that changed, as Coco Chanel made a bold fashion statement with the color, and the little black dress was born. Since then, the LBD has seen an evolution in itself and has become the garment of choice for the most iconic women in history.

Here, we’re showing why the color is never out of fashion and is easily spotted around…

  1. Timeless appeal – From the nineteenth, twentieth and to the twenty first century, the dark shade is still high on charm..

Timeless Appeal for Black

  1. Suits every skin tone – Divided by skin. United by that black dress

Color Black for every Skin Tone

  1. It always adds an elegant, royal touch to the outfit – Do I need to mention how classy it looks on Queen Elizabeth? Jaw dropping!

  1. Can be worn in many layers – Last minute party plan? Carry that shrug. Office meeting? Go with that blazer. You can layer it endlessly

  1. Goes with every color

Yellow, blue, red? Well, any color for that matter!

  1. Lets you play with accessories – Danglers, neckpieces, bangles, stilettos, clutch. Play as much with bling as you can!

  1. It’s versatile, yet stylish – Pair it with flats for the day and those high heels for the night.  Sonakshi Sinha looks so stunning in this jumpsuit! Doesn’t she?

  1. It’s not just a color. It’s a necessary piece of clothing! – Talk to a girl about her clothes and she never has enough of the black dresses. And Gigi Hadid takes the obsession to a whole new level..

  1. Lets you experiment with a range of looks

From biker chic to a traditional lady, no one except for our PC could have pulled these looks off so well. This girl is literally going places!

  1. From a flapper frock to a wardrobe must-have

Ladies have that commitment somewhere inside them. To every black dress. With all the right cuts and styles. Peace.

All in all, you just got more reasons for why LBD is the ultimate wardrobe essential. If you think we’ve missed out on something, don’t forget to mention that in the comments section.

P.S.:  Already feeling short of that little black dress? Go on girl!

So much to drool over!

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