Hey! I don’t literally mean that…

Time to see gender as spectrum instead of two sets of opposite ideals-Emma Watson!

feminism-in-hindi  are around the corner and internet is stormed with people extending wishes and support for the aadhi aabaadi showing solidarity to feminism in India I hope everyone, who work towards equality and not women’s superiority to men in the name of feminism, are having great day on celebrated days .

And no! This is not another post talking about what a beauty or savage a lady is. It is about an issue that is seldom brought up and is mostly buried under the coolness quotient.  But seriously, our arm chair activist type generation has really managed to impress me. So here I am, writing this amidst my mid semester examination.

Respect, equality, women’s liberation. #FeminismPower – We do respect women, but we have freedom of speech and expression and we can be absolutely inconsiderate in our choice of words. We totally support women empowerment and equality and we choose to do that by incorporating such respectful words in our language.feminism-today

Some of us, including ladies, do stand up for our rights and we add weight to our opinions using some heavy words, bc (better read because) that gives us a momentary swag bro, another form of different types of feminism!

Now there are few people who type abusive language like sh*t, and try to appear decent in front of their audiences. But trust me, they are actually those Tuesday Thursday ko non veg nahi khana type ke log! And you don’t want to know such hypocrites, do you?

It’s not in the light that women aren’t strong enough to bear with the nonsense that has always been associated with them, or it hurts their emotions and sentiments. It’s about the small acts which can pave way for equality. You can’t make a progressive society with people who unabashedly abuse language for women, even more pathetic when a woman does it!



But hey, you never mean that literally… so why use it in the first place?

Now go on! Up your coolness quotient by using some kick ass apparently cool and senseless word. Won’t you?

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