Grandparents – Importance of Grandparents in Children’s Lives

Importance of Grandparents in Children's Lives

My Grandparents – Importance of Grandparents to Their Grandchildren

The role of grandparenting in many societies is flawless, accepted and carried forward generation after generation and in some societies the importance of grandparents in our life is indirect, mostly considered as stress busters/mediators/sponsors/family security. Grandparents, by God’s grace, have overflowing love, affection, and warmth of the world amassed in them for their grandkids. I don’t want to undercut the truth, but the fact is that they look the happiest when they are with their grandchildren. Maybe because they can see their own reflection and serve as a bond between the past, present, and future. Grandparents play a major role in today’s world in introducing grandchildren to the past family traditions with their enchanting stories, engage the kids in present and help in shaping their future. Isn’t that wonderful?

Importance of Grandparents


Research studies conducted on the relationship between the grandparents and grandkids have found that there is an exceptional recognition of each other both mentally and emotionally. They serve as role models needed for social and emotional development of children. Nowadays with an increasing number of grandparents enjoy taking up the role of surrogate parents during daytime by taking care of their grandkids. It should be mutually understood between grandparents and parents that they together constitute a god gifted circle of life connected by their lifeline i.e. children that they love in abundance.


During the days of the joint family in Indian society, the family had the oldest male member in the family as functioning head. For us kids, he used to be our grandfather whom we were not afraid of approaching, unlike our parents. He used to rule the house with definitive authority but was softer from inside, taking care of every living being in the household; it could be even a cow he had owned. I personally was very much attached to him as there was no kid in the house who was of my age to play with and he turned out to be a good chess partner. Unlike my cousins, he was fair in the game and used to teach me the nuances of the game. As I grew up I experienced social transforming measures he took in the middle of 20th century, somewhat unheard of. He sowed the seeds of major cultural for the betterment of our lives. He got my widowed aunt remarried, treated all girls in the family equal to males, gave them same education and turned them out to be professionals. I am indebted to him for the values he sows in me and turned me into a good human.

GrandparentsThe story of an affectionate child strikes a chord of the contentment we observe when love, care affection, and experience traverses between generations. Robert Munsch, in his story, “I’ll Love You Forever”, beautifully portrays the relationship between mother and child and their roles reversal but the words “I’ll love you forever” remains same.

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  1. Yes authar has beautifully described the importance of grandparents in life. It’s mutual affection between all the persons living in house. Being free, they can look after their younger generation with their vast experience of life. They do provide protection, and emotional support.
    Please keep enlighten by such articles.

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