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facebook helpline number indiaFacebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. It has connected people from around the globe. More than a platform for connection and friendships, it has also become a source of income for several people. There are lots of people making a living out of Facebook. And if for some reason, their account gets blocked, they suffer financially.

Many times, people complain about the inability to log into their account for some unknown reasons. It might happen due to a Facebook algorithm. In such a scenario, people often panic with the fear that their account might have been hacked. People earning from Facebook suffer a lot due to a halt in their income and social media addicts too have a hard time as they can’t see what’s happening in their social circle.

What to do if you can’t log in to your facebook account? You would probably start looking for a Facebook helpline number to talk to a person who can resolve your issue. Many people actually search for ‘Facebook Helpline Phone number’ on Google and get 844-735-4595 as the result. However, we would suggest our readers not to call on this number. Though a real person would pick up the call, the only thing is that he will not be from Facebook.

This so-called Facebook helpline number in India is actually a fraud. The call is picked by someone who pretends to be a Facebook employee while he/she is not. It is actually a scam in which they ask people to buy iTunes gift card and provide them with the 16 digit security code. Apple has already issued alert about this scam. In its notice, Apple warned that scammers are asking people to make payments over the phone by requesting codes from App Store and iTunes Gift Cards or Apple Store Gift Cards.

This fake Facebook Helpline Number is also circulated on some Facebook pages where people are asking for help to reactivate their blocked account. Facebook said that it has been investigating this fraud that is scamming innocent people and Google should answer why it is showing a  fake number in the snippet.

Currently, there is no Facebook Helpline Number Toll Free where you can talk about your complaints regarding Facebook. Also, there is no dedicated Facebook Helpline email address where you can send your complaint or queries. It instead has an online help center where you can find a solution to your problem. Click here to get Facebook Help.

Facebook Helpline Number India:

For Indian users as well, there is no dedicated helpline. In case, Facebook introduces one, we will update it here.

Facebook Cyber Crime Helpline:

There is no Facebook Cyber Crime Helpline number where you can report any cybercrime. However, Facebook does gives an option to its users to report a picture, video or a user if it violates the policies of Facebook. The users can also report any kind of scam, harassment, violence, or nudity on Facebook.

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  1. My account was reported from bull shit pepoles so i cant open my account from yestarday plz who reported my account was Babar rahman. Dom.Aashiq illahi and prince lucky

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