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Vastu For Home - Ideal House Plan according to principles of Vastu Shastra

Free Vastu Tips for Home


A house can be planned as per the principles of Vastu Shastra, but the implementation varies from individual to individual as per the needs, size of family, occupation, location and size of the plot and whether upper floors are to be constructed or not.  What we mean by Building Vastu Plan – In the metros, builders are coming up with a trend to amalgamate nature with home by incorporating minimum vastu principles. Here I am trying to capture a few Vastu Tips for home needed while designing dream house. Let us split them into external and internal features


Building Vastu – External Features

  • The best direction of the plot is east facing
  • Longer side of the plot should be east facing
  • The slope of the plot should be from South-West to North-East corner
  • The main gate of the house should be towards the North-East side
  • Main garden and water boring need to be arranged in the North-East side
  • Septic tank should be placed towards the North-West side
  • Tall trees need to be planned in South-West direction


Building Vastu – Internal Features

  • The central portion of the Vastu is always left open to the sky
  • The master bedroom should always be built towards the South-West side
  • Children’s room and Study is provided towards West side
  • Common toilet is provisioned in the North-West direction
  • Attached toilet of Master’s bedroom is a compromised location but needs to be hygienically maintained
  • The location of the staircase should be towards South-West corner. Stairs should rise from east to west direction
  • The meditation room is provided towards the North-East corner and can be used as a Study room
  • A bathroom adjoining Meditation room should not have a toilet
  • The living room should face towards North. This room can be used for Business –meetings
  • The kitchen should be located towards South- East corner
  • The dining area adjoins Kitchen, i.e towards East
  • Electric Meter and House generator should be installed towards South-East corner
  • Waste disposal area is provided towards South
  • The storeroom is located towards South, adjoining Kitchen

Building Vastu – Other prerequisites, Bhoomi-Pujan, and Grah Pravesh for Dream House

  • Before starting construction on the plot, it is necessary to get it cleaned thoroughly
  • Unnecessary stones, rubble, earth mounds etc. should be removed and pits filled, if any
  • All thorny bushes and other trees should be uprooted by roots
  • It is extremely necessary to worship the land before the construction work starts
  • The plot should be sloped from South-West to North-East corner and properly leveled
  • Worship of the land should be done in the East or North-East corner of the plot
  • Before starting the construction works, all the four directions should be demarcated
  • Water boring should be done first which would be helpful for construction purposes. The water should be sweet and potable
  • Salty/Filthy water should not be used for construction purposes
  • All the building materials should be of best quality brought and bought from good locations
  • Building material, which is in store for a long time and rusted steel should not be used. Inferior quality material should not be bought, simply because it is available cheap
  • Moreover, construction should be done steadily. As far as possible, the construction work should be stopped after sunset
  • While the construction is going on workers should not reside on your plot, nor their families be allowed to live within the compound walls
  • Sincerity and honesty should be encouraged and rewarded. Qualitative construction and finishes should be rewarded to extract quality workmanship from the workers
  • Whenever a new building is built, house warming ceremony is a must before you shift and start living

The combined effect of all these is in addition to that of one’s fate and destiny. It boosts positive energy and creates a shield of power to protect and guard against evil forces. Wishes are fulfilled and one leads a meaningful life, bringing in Honours and Laurels, Name and Fame.

The good Karma and Deeds make one immortal for many- many years till Eternity.

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