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Video: This man really earns his bread- Watch Tom Cruise jumping 100 times from 25,000 feet

Tom Cruise Fallout 100 Jumps

Tom Cruise is one of the most talented actor in the whole wide world. Though there is a lot to mention about his work in film industry, but let’s stick to his iconic work in the Mission Impossible series. His recent release Mission: Impossible- Fallout is running successfully at the box-office. The 56-year-old actor is as fit and handsome as any 25-year-old new comer. He started his career in the year 1981 when he was merely 19-years-old and since then, he has not stopped.

If we talk about Mission Impossible, his work is commendable. He performs dangerous and life risking stunts not once, not twice, but multiple times until it reaches perfection. And that’s why his movies always turns out to be a blockbuster. Something similar happened with his latest release too. For filming Mission: Impossible- Fallout, he jumped from 25,000 feet for about 100 times just to get the stunt right. You might find it bizarre, but it is true.

Watch it here:

According to a report in a leading daily,  the American actor himself revealed at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas about how he performed the high altitude scenes and low open free fall parachute jumps in the film. Tom jumped from 25,000 ft. to 30,000 ft. for about 100 times through the air at the speed of 220 miles per hour. He made these jumps with the help of oxygen mask.  He made these jumps from C-17 military plane while training for the stunts to get the scene right.

Director Christopher McQuarrie said at CinemaCon:

“For these films, it’s about what we can do that’s physically possible, but without killing Tom.”

Well, with this, we now know one thing for sure- That life of an actor is not easy.


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