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Having a good conversation is not as easy as it may sound especially when you want it to go for long without either of the person getting bored or if you want to impress someone. Social media platforms have made it really easy for people to connect. It is easier to initiate a conversation but making it interesting depends on how you take it further. Most of the conversations start and end with ‘Hello’ and ‘What’s up?’

And sometimes, we do not know what to reply back in certain situations. People who are smart and extrovert will always come back with an answer but it isn’t necessary that the answer will be smart enough to give a nice ending to the conversation or keep it going. Well, we have jotted down some clever comebacks that you can use while having a conversation. These can help you win a convo either during face to face talks or even in chats.

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Let’s discuss some scenarios and what can you probably reply to win a conversation and how to impress your crush.

1- When someone replies stupidly to your question

I was once chatting with an old schoolmate on facebook messenger. And just like anybody else, I asked, “What’s up?”  And he replied, “A fan.”

Well, you might have got answers like these probably. Sometimes, people give really lame and stupid answers to the most simple questions asked by you. And the answers pisses you off. You really want to smack off their head. But you choose to calm yourself down and move on. However, you can reply, “That’s the lamest ass rationalization for questionable behavior I have ever heard from you”.

Ever got into a discussion about politics? People sometimes start taking things personally and lose their calm while having a healthy conversation. What can you probably say to them when they are already opposing your political thoughts and are not ready to listen to a single word uttered by you? Ask them to chill out a bit. Tell them, “Take a pause for the cause.”

3- When someone asks how are you so good at something

I make very delicious pasta. Very often my friends would come over to my home for the same and asked me the secret behind the lip-smacking pasta. One day, my boss also came over and asked me how I am so good at it. What would I have answered? I simply smiled, scratched my head, and said, “Ummm… I don’t know.”

This was my reply for years. What else I could have said? I was later watching an American show and learnt a new thing. They said, “I have got a knack” as a reply when someone asked them how are they so good at something.

4- When you want to flirt harmlessly with someone

Flirting is not an easy task. If done wrong, you can permanently get blocked. There is a very thin line between flirting and being cheap. Just when you think that you are having a healthy flirting conversation, you won’t know that the other person might be calling you desperate and cheap.

Expressing your attraction towards the other person isn’t the key. You have to respectful too. Be careful with your pick up lines.

“Don’t do that _ (name). Don’t toy with my heart.”  – Try this out sometime. Here, you are not only expressing your love but also showing your concern. You are telling how much emotions matter to you.

5- When you want to insult someone for being so desperate and cheap

Let’s say you are on the other side of the table and someone tries to be cheap in the name of flirting. What would you do? Let them continue? Obviously not. If the conversation is happening online or over a phone call, you have an option to block them without saying a word. But what if it is happening face to face. You may want to punch him in the face. But as they say, ‘Words are mightier than a sword.’ So, you can give a solid comeback and walk away.

“My past is divided between things I can’t remember and things I don’t wanna remember and you are both.” – Throw this line in his face and walk out like a sass queen.

6- When someone asks you whether you are going to do something that they asked for and you can’t reject

My boss gave me the ultimatum to achieve the target by any means or he will hold my promotion. A week later, he came back asking me if I can do it or not. Saying ‘yes’ would have been the biggest mistake of my life for obvious reasons. And saying ‘No’ would have counted as being rude, useless, and would take away the slightest chance of promotion. I had to come up with a smart reply. And I said, “What are my choices?” 

Well, I will pat my own shoulders for this one.

7- When someone shows you careless attitude towards life or decision making

Each one of us perceives life differently. We all have different approaches to everything. Sometimes we are happy with our decision and sometimes, we get influenced by the approaches of other people. People these days are too occupied with responsibilities. Good grades, good job, big house, expensive car, foreign trips- we have too much to achieve. We forget to live in the present while thinking about the future all the time. And when we come across a person who has a careless and enthusiastic approach towards life, we get inspired. Somewhere in our heart, we wish that we had this much of freeness in our lifestyle. What would you say to such a man if you get into a conversation? Note this: “I applaud the gusto with which you approach life.”

That would be the best possible answer. You can’t criticize his approach to life because it is his choice after all. You can’t cry like a baby either, saying how much you wish you were like him.

8- When someone gives advice that you didn’t ask for

Some people are on their toe when it comes to giving advice, most of the times without asking for the same. End the conversation by saying “Thanks for the tip.” Period.

9- When someone says something clever

What would you say to someone who is already winning the conversation? Call them, “You silver-tongued devil” to appreciate their cleverness.

10- If you meet a girl at a bar and want to start a conversation:

You see a hot chic at a bar and want to approach her. “Can I buy you a drink?” is the most common and cliche way to approach. Adding some creativity to it might help you in actually making an impression. Next time you walk into the bar and see a girl you like, say, “Well, I would like to buy you an airplane but let’s start with a drink.” This will surely bring a smile on her face.

11- When someone asks you if you want to know the reason why they did something

If someone is trying to explain the reasons behind their actions and you are in no mood to hear it, say, “Nah, I trust your judgement.” You can also say this when you actually believe that person.

12- When someone catches you trying to do something

What would you do if someone catches you doing something you don’t wish anybody to know. Well, that would be a real ‘OOPS’ moment. Escape it by casually saying, “Can’t slip one past you.”

13- When someone asks you how you know something

We all know some secrets about someone or something. It sometimes happens that we accidentally or intentionally spill the beans in front of others. What would you do if you are questioned back? You will always be asked about how you knew that thing. If we tell them the whole story like an innocent man, then it’s a different story. But if you want to keep it suspense,  say, “I have a few pockets of specialised knowledge some might call it wisdom.”

14- When someone doesn’t understand sarcasm or become too serious amidst a casual conversation

Being sarcastic is not everyone’s cup of tea. And it is even harder to find people who can actually understand sarcasm and take it in a healthy spirit. And also there are moments when some people get serious amidst a casual conversation. What would you say to such offended people?  Try this out, “Why’s everybody so damn literal?” and leave them a hint that they should learn to be a bit casual.

15- When you want to solve some issues with someone

Misunderstandings are a part of our lives. But it is important how we deal with it. Many people leave it that way without resolving things. But it is always better to talk it out so that you do not regret later. Taking the decision to talk out things is hard, and initiating the conversation is even harder. However, call that person, or visit him/her, and start the conversation by saying, “I would like to clear the air bout a few things.” Once you talk out the things, you will definitely feel better and lighter.

You can try out these expressions and take the conversation in your hands. If you have any better comebacks, comment below.

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