Is it true that World’s healthiest people don’t go to the gym? Let us understand how!

Is it true that World's healthiest people don't go to the gym? Let us understand how!

Yes, it is absolutely true. You don’t have to go to a gym, lift weights or run marathons to stay fit and healthy as proved by people living in Blue Zones. You can also set up a home gym and get some cheap treadmills for yourself.

Millennials today think that run on a treadmill or weight machine can keep them healthy but if you analyze people with highest life expectancy around the globe, you will find that these people practically live in an environment which forces them to be on move naturally. In fact, a study of their lifestyle shows that their daily activity is a gym in itself occupied by being physically super active – running/swimming/hiking and consuming natural and unprocessed foods.


By nature, our bodies have been designed to expend energy by movement in any form which is covered by the routine tasks. These tasks may vary from walking down to the supermarket for shopping or playing with kids and pets in the garden. But this certainly looks outdated to us with all kinds of mechanical conveniences offered to us. Our lifestyle and environment have tied us to chairs, with computers, TVs, tablets, and smartphones in front of us. Bottom line is that the conveniences offered by technology have handicapped us more in terms of mental strength. To fight the sedentary lifestyle and stay healthy and active, we tend to supplement the natural physical activity by going to the gym and being active.


So, if you want to escape gym route but stay fit, the best way out is any form of body movement which can be a brisk walk, dance, stroll or even taking your pet for a walk, jogging your way down on daily basis. For staying fit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that go to the gym, lift weights, run on a treadmill, but don’t ever treat this as an excuse to exercise.

Walking daily at an average to brisk pace can bless you with tremendous health benefits. On top of it, it’s free, easy and can be done anywhere

Further, it has been concluded from the studies by the American Cancer Society that brisk walk of at least 6 hours/week can help you live a healthy and fit life for a longer span. Another research proves that the risk rate of cardiovascular diseases drops by 32% and walk helps in the fighting onset of so-called lifestyle diseases like osteoporosis, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension.

Walk Brisk

You need not feel guilty about skipping the gym, you can compensate with keeping your body in motion and a brisk walk which an easiest and cheapest way to stay healthy.  While retaining your precious desk jobs, a walk is the easiest way to incorporate moving naturally into lives.

A form of exercise which is in trend is – Hindu Squats and Hindu Pushups Exercise, if you want to know about it, click on it. Another way to force yourself out of your comfort zone is to adopt a dog which will give you a nudge to walk every day.


Seems we are trying to resolve the problem of exercise and fitness in the wrong way by working out strenuously over weekends or holidays thinking that the hours spent in exercise over the weekend will suffice for rest of week. Sorry to say, that is not the way our bodies have been designed. A simile of fit and exercised body can be drawn to an oiled machine. Both if taken care of and kept in running condition will deliver the right output.

brisk-walkHealthiest people keep a balance by practicing exercise and discipline of Mind, Body, and Spirit. The mind can be kept exercised or active by learning, challenging self through mind games, quizzes, chess. The body can be kept always active by means of physical exercise but the toughest is keeping spirit active, full of life and mature

Health is a combination of beliefs, perceptions, behaviors, and connections (with others, themselves, life). And exercise should be treated as a form of recreation to make it guilt free.


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