People born with Purple eyes and how can you cure Alexandria’s Genesis

Purple eyesHave you ever seen or heard about purple eyes? Well, it isn’t just any other eye color like black, blue or brown. It is in fact a genetic disorder clinically called Alexandria’s Genesis. People suffering from this disorder have pale skin and violet eyes. It is a result of mutation of genes in which the color of eye changes from blue to pink withing the first six months after birth. The color deepens to become purple as the puberty hits.

People having Alexandria genesis are said to be immune to skin tanning or burning. Also, it is said that they have no body hair apart from the ones on head, eyebrows, nostrils and eyelashes. This means that they have no hair on legs, arms, armpits and even pubic area. People with purple eyes are said to live longer. It is said that their aging stops as they turn 50 and don’t look older than that even if they hit 100.

Also, people born with purple eyes are immune from most diseases and also don’t gain weight easily. Unlike rest of us, they can eat whatever they want and in whatever quantity they desire, and won’t gain a single pound.

Talking about the origin of this disease, a child was born with pale skin and purple eyes in England in 1329. She was named Alexandria. She gave birth to two children who lived for more than 100 years.

Many cultures believe women with purple eyes highly attractive. These women are fully fertile but they do not menstruate. It is widely believed that popular actress Elizabeth Taylor had purple eye disease. However, there are several theories about the purple eyes. Some believe that the disorder is an urban myth. Some experts refuse to believe that no genetic mutation can cause so many changes in a human being. Also, they refuse the claims of women being fertile without menstruation and human beings not producing enough waste despite eating. According to science, people would die otherwise. Research says that the longest human being alive was 122 year old.

Natural purple eyes is a debatable topic with strong reasoning of its non-existence.

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