Osteoporosis in Women

Osteoporosis in women who are in post menopausal stage

You might be thinking how difficult it is to be a women first you got an unexpected bleeding from your vagina and got to know it is menstruation a natural phenomenon for every female to deal with at puberty next comes pregnancy and you have to deal with 9 months mood swings and when you reach your 40’s it’s time to get rid of menstrual cycle by menopause. When you fell relaxed as there is no more pregnancies, no menstruation a lesser known disease comes into existence.
Yes, if you are female, unfortunately you are at higher risk of having a symptom less disease OSTEOPOROSIS – faced with osteoporosis in your 40s. 

Find-OsteoporoSisQ 1- What is OSTEOPOROSIS and why are women more affected ?

Osteoporosis is basically a silent disease with no particular symptom thus, hard to detect. It causes de-mineralisation of bones leading to decreased bone density and finally fracture. Females are typically at higher risk because they have been gifted with thinner and smaller bones in comparison to men folks. When a woman attains menopause stage, there is a quick decline in estrogen hormone due to which there is bone loss.

OSTEOPOROSIS-CAUSEQ 2- Osteoporosis Causes

Due to imbalance between new bone development and re-absorption of old bone, osteoporosis happens. Osteoporosis can be caused to anyone of any age group with deficiency of calcium or due to hormonal imbalance but generally occurs after menopause in females due to decreased levels of estrogen
*As menopause only occur in females thus females are more prone to osteoporosis then men*

Women_OsteoporosisQ 3- Osteoporosis Symptoms

As it is a symptom-less disease in the early stages of disease but it can only be detected by unexpected fracture while performing everyday activities. Some common symptoms found are back pain – due to vertebra fracture, loss of height with passage of time. It can also be detected by simple laboratory tests DXA (dexa-scan)

Q 4- What can a woman do to prevent osteoporosis?

As prevention is better than cure it’s better to be aware and prevent yourself. To avoid having osteoporosis all you need to do is
→ fulfill your body requirement of calcium and phosphate
→ exposure to sunlight is really important to get vitamin D that can regulate your body calcium
→ strengthen your bones by performing exercises with weights
→consume milk products regularly

Love-Yourself-Love-Your-BonesQ 5- Osteoporosis Treatment

Doctor’s generally advice for bone strengthening exercises and fulfilling needs of calcium and vitamin D further in case of fracture there are many medications that suits your body and only to be prescribed by doctor’s




To prevent the onset of osteoporosis, one needs to start working  on building bone mass during puberty years, safeguarding the health of bones and ensuring that bone loss is minimal during post menopause phase. Now fighting osteoporosis is not a tough task. what you need to do is just give yourself healthy and nutritious diet and be regular with exercise to prepare your body for long run of life and if you are above 40’s don’t forget to go for low bone density test.

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