14 Symptoms that shows your Body Is Deficient In Vital Nutrients and how to fix them

nutrients deficiency

We often take care of the things we own. We buy a new car and take it to service after frequent intervals, wash it every week, and fuel it to keep it running. However, we often neglect our body and health. We do not realize that it is one thing we need to pay the most importance. The phrase ‘Health is Wealth’ is just confined to books. We implement it when our health starts deteriorating and starts impacting our daily life.

Our body is a magnificent machine. When things go wrong, it doesn’t shut down without warning as our PC or mobile phone does. Instead. our body starts giving us signals letting us know that something needs to be fixed. All we need is to understand those signals and take action.

Vitamins and minerals are important nutrients that performs several roles in the body. However, with our hectic lifestyle, we do not get time to maintain the proper balance in our diet. And therefore, we take the easy route. We prefer taking tablets of Vitamins knowing what our body is actually lacking.  Here are some signs that suggest your body is deficient in vital nutrients:

1- Cracking sound of joints: If you get a cracking sound in your joints as you bend or sit, you have a calcium deficiency in your body. We all know that calcium deficiency can lead to weak bones and teeth. Low calcium level may become the reason for Arthritis.

What to do: Do not waste your money on calcium tablets. Instead, try to deal with the deficiency naturally. Include milk products like cheese, paneer, curd, butter, milk etc in your diet. Also, the best way to get rid of the deficiency is to have a pinch of calcium carbohydrate in curd in empty stomach. If you do not like curd, you can also replace it with water. Calcium carbonate is commonly called Choona and can be bought from a nearby Paan shop or grocery shopTry this formula for two or three months and you will be astonished to see the results this natural remedy gives that even those synthetic calcium tablets cannot give.

2- Bleeding Gums: If your gums bleed while eating or brushing or if your tongue is prone to ulcers and cuts, then it means that your body is deficient in Vitamin C. Bleeding gums while brushing is extremely common even though the majority of people ignore this signal. Bleeding gum is a mild form of Scurvy. At the cellular level, even the arteries are bleeding. Make sure you do not ignore this signal and take an immediate step as it may also cause Vascular system issues.

What to do: The best way to fulfill the Vitamin C deficiency in the body is to include Amla in your diet in the form of juice, powder, pickle, candy, or in boiled form. You can have amla throughout the year. Other good sources of Vitamin C include Lemon, oranges, guava, and capsicum.

3- Weak Brittle nails or peeling cuticles: It is a sign of Biotin deficiency. One common reason to have this deficiency is when you have raw eggs on a regular basis. Raw eggs have a bacteria called Salmonella that creates an imbalance in the digestive system. Biotin is made of certain friendly bacteria in the gut. Whenever there is an imbalance in our digestive system, the body is unable to make biotin, due to which we start getting these signals.

What to do: The best way to increase biotin production in the body is to increase gut-friendly bacteria. This can be done by consuming curd. Have curd on an empty stomach with one spoon of jaggery powder mixed in it to get the maximum benefit. Other good sources are pickles and apple cider vinegar.

4- Dry hair or premature hair fall: These are also signs of Biotin deficiency that occurs due to an imbalance in the digestive system.

What to do: As explained before, add curd to your diet. Having curd mixed with one spoon of jaggery on empty stomach will show good results. Other sources include pickles and apple cider vinegar.

5- Small white spots on nails: If you have small white spots on your nails, this means you have a zinc deficiency. This is very common among people who eat cakes, pastries and other sweets made of refined grains. Zinc is a very essential nutrient for both men and women because it helps in the production of Testosterones. Low Zinc means Low Testosterones which may lead to slow beard growth, low muscle mass, fatigue, and even sexual immaturity in men. And in women, Zinc deficiency during pregnancy can negatively affect the fetus and the mother.

What to do: To fulfill the Zinc deficiency in the body, reduce the intake of pastries, cakes and other sweets made of refined grains. Instead increase nuts, seeds, lentils, legumes in your diet and find a list of superfoods for more ideas!

6- Cracked corners of heels, cracking corner of the mouth, bloodshot eyes, ulcers on lips: If you have any of these signs, it means your body is deficient in Vitamin B2.

7- Horizontal Lines on Nails, or Wandering eyes: Any of these symptoms mean that you have Vitamin B1 Deficiency.

8- Brown Nails: Some people have brown nails. This means they have Vitamin B12 deficiency.

9- Redness around nose, cheeks, and forehead: These signs mean that you have Vitamin B6 deficiency.

Vitamin B deficiencies are generally linked to skin, hair and digestive problems. People who have Vitamin B deficiency are more prone to anxiety, stress, and depression. The major reason for the deficiency is poor food choices. Junk food like Pizza, Samosa, Burger, Pakoda, Donut, pastry, Chips, Biscuit, Namkeen, etc contributes to Vitamin B deficiency.

What to do: stop eating junk food on a regular basis. Prefer eating home-cooked food as much as possible. Include sprouts in your diet.

10- Pale face, White nails, lips losing their natural color: These are the symptoms of low iron and Hemoglobin deficiency. Iron and Hb are interlinked as iron is essential for the production of blood in the body.

What to do: The best way to tackle the iron and HB deficiency is to start using iron kadhai for cooking. Add beetroot, carrot, pomegranate, corn, apple, etc in your diet as they increase the hemoglobin level. Another good way to improve the HB level to massage your body and exercise.

11- Verticle lines on nails, loss of eyebrow, or puffy eyes: These are the symptoms of Thyroid. Thyroid hormone regulates the metabolism and the way the body utilizes carbs, proteins, and fats. The thyroid problem can create a further deficiency of nutrients in the body. As the hormonal events are more in women, they are more prone to these symptoms. The thyroid is not a hormonal problem. Instead, the lifestyle is to be blamed.

What to do: Thyroid can be treated easily. Start eating wholesome food at home and start regular exercise.

12- Rough uneven nails, poor night vision: These are the symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency. It could be due to liver problems. This is the reason even after regularly eating vegetables, some people face Vitamin A deficiency as their liver does not have enough bile to break down and absorb Vitamin A from vegetables.

What to do: Vitamin A being fat soluble, include Ghee, cold pressed oils and butter in your diet.

13- Frequent Body cramps: If you have frequent body cramps, this is a clear sign of Vitamin E deficiency.

What to do: To deal with Vitamin E deficiency, you should regularly massage your body with almond oil. You can even mix 1 spoon of almond oil in milk at night.

14- Tongue turns white: If you see this signal, it means you have digestive problems and yeast overgrowth.

What to do: Avoid taking antibiotics. Eat cleansing food like raw vegetables and fruits.

You should not panic if you see any of these signs. These are just small signals that you should deal with before the problem becomes big. To fulfill the deficiency, don’t turn to synthetic vitamon tablets. All you need is to identify the problem and start having a heallty and balanced diet.

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