Slash your Hypertension by adding tomatoes to your diet

Hypertension risk lowered by adding Lycopene loaded Tomatoes to diet

Story Highlights
  • Hypertension risk can be lowered by adding rich lycopene loaded tomatoes to your diet
  • Tomatoes contain the cancer prevention agent lycopene that helps heart well being
  • Eating tomatoes everyday for 8 weeks can help in lowering Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure by 10/4 mmHg


With the increasing health risks and complications associated with High Blood Pressure including cardiovascular diseases and in some cases death, has led to more researches. In addition to the traditional approach of stabilizing blood pressure by means of medication, researches have suggested changes in lifestyle and diet. A very common food item which has come up is tomato, popping up question, can this fruit help in lowering blood pressure?

Tomatoes are fully loaded with antioxidant – Lycopene, which has the ability to reduce LDL, fight risk of death in people suffering with metabolic syndrome and prostate cancer

High Blood Pressure is more of lifestyle disease, no longer restricted to a particular age bracket. Symptoms can include vision problems, finding blood in urine, fatigue and severe headache. Change in #Lifestyle has become #NewReligion and it certainly plays a key role in treating hypertension.

How tomatoes are an answer to lowering LifeStyle Disease “Hypertension”?

Tomatoes are fully loaded with heart-solid supplement lycopene and as per an investigation by an Australian agency, making a habit of adding less than 25 mg of lycopene in eating regimen has proved to bring down LDL (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) by up to 10%. The best part of natural supplements is that they do not have side effects and are healthy too.!


Apart from lowering hypertension, berry/veggie tomatoes fully loaded with powerful antioxidant lycopene are specifically named as a deciding variable in counteractive action for coronary illnesses. Israeli research on 31 patients was conducted and it suggested that consuming tomatoes extract daily for about two months aids in bringing down systolic blood pressure by as much as 10 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 4 mmHg.

You need not worry about eating the berry raw daily, instead you can include tomatoes in cooking for eg a cup of tomato juice constitutes around 23 mg of fruit, sufficient does of lycopene in a day. Indian curries are always richly flavored with tomatoes.

Summing up how lycopene compound in Tomatoes helps internally and why humble fruit should be included in the diet!


  • Eating tomatoes raw is best for reducing blood pressure
  • You can include in your diet a cup of tomato juice(low sodium obviously)
  • Research studies in metabolic syndrome patients have shown that high levels of lycopene have lowered the risk of death
  • Encouraging results have come out for prostate, skin cancer and breast cancer patients who have included tomatoes
  • Potassium in tomatoes helps in reducing water retention
  • For those who are watching their waistline while working on High Blood Pressure can find one more reason to include tomato in the diet plan. Berry fruit is low in calories, rich in fiber, low glycaemic index and a considerable amount of Alpha – Lipoic acid which is an antioxidant.

In addition to being blessed naturally with lycopene compound, berry fruit is a power-laden source of vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, folate, potassium, and other nutrients. Energy components of a medium sized tomato are 22 kcal, 0gm fat, 5 gm carbohydrate, 1 gm dietary fiber, 1 gm protein, 5 gm of sodium. Is the reason not sufficient to have it daily?

Make changes to your lifestyle and diet with reduced salt intake and every adult who is over 40 years of age should monitor blood pressure because it is a Silent Killer.

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