Time to Forget Zero Carbs, Embracing Slow Carbs is the Latest Trend – #LifetsyleNewReligion

Forget No-Carbs | Say No To Processed Carbs | Embrace Slow Carbs


Forget about No Carbs Diet, Instead, Embrace Slow Carbs

Dietitians have always recommended a low carb high-fat diet as a ‘#LifetsyleNewReligion,’ yet its effectiveness has not been proved in the long term. Ditching carbs specially processed ones can definitely lead to the desired result of quick weight loss, but it needs lots of willpower to stick to the plan for lifelong? Ditching carbs mean cutting out completely on fruits, vegetables, whole grains which we all know are the building blocks to healthy body and mind.

Zero Carbs

Why there is so much fuss about switching to No Carbs diet for instant weight loss? As per dietary guidelines, carbs should constitute 45 – 65 % of daily calorie intake and if you are planning to cut down on calories for weight loss then switching to zero carbs diet helps in instant weight loss. This is because studies have proved that “different foods affect the body differently”  and we also are into the habit of picking the wrong kind of carbs impulsively. Think of packaged snacks we eat, like cupcakes, white bread, chips, and French fries which actually at the time of consumption peak blood sugar levels and add to the baggage of weight you are struggling to shed off.

Slow Carbs

Don’t Go “No Carb”: Instead, Think “Slow Carb”

Numerous research studies have been carried out between Zero Carb and Low Carb set of people. Over a period of time, a repeated pattern was observed in the Zero Carb group. They were high on the cravings for high-carb and high-sugar foods than their counterparts. Now the question is should we really forget Carbs and resort to slow Carbs instead? Diet patterns have evolved but they are subjective because the body of everyone reacts differently and cannot be governed by defined rules. There is a slight paradigm shift to the approach of Zero Carbs. It is now being advised to strike balanced, unprocessed carbs which will help you personally in

  • Burn out reserved fats rather than carbs
  • Stabilize the spikes and slumps  in blood sugar
  • Weight fluctuations management

Slow CarbsTry to visualize this – When you have whole grain which is least processed in your diet, it takes time to digest with a gradual increase in blood sugar levels and less insulin.  Also, replacing refined grains with whole grains has its own benefits which include a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, and colorectal cancer.

You can take whole grains (include oats and brown rice – rich in fiber), colored fruits, fiber-rich vegetables, beans, and slow grains which make you feel more satisfied through the next meal. You can try exciting, delectable, fresh choices such as “snackable” veggies carrots, celery, baby tomatoes, experimenting with different dressings and dips.

Say NO to Packaged Foods, Go For Slow Carbs!

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