Smartphone Battery Myths busted- Don’t do these things with your modern smartphone

smartphone battery mythsSmartphone manufacturers are trying everything to stay in competition these days. The design, features and specifications are the main areas where each and every manufacturer wants to do it’s best at a minimal price. However, there’s one more thing that’s lest talked about, the battery. Everytime when we are using our phone and the battery drops below 20%, we feel that the manufacturer should have had put a bigger and a long lasting battery. Lots of application-usage results in high CPU usage which directly leads to high battery usage. People these days watch Youtube, play high-performance games and even watch movies for hours and hours. So, today, we’ll be talking about the factors that spoil the battery life of a smartphone.


1. Fast Charging: A lot of mobile phone manufacturers these days especially the Android ones manufacture the smartphones with Fast-Charging support and even provide a Fast-Charger which charges the phone to 100% in around less than one hour. Most of the users consider this as an additional and useful feature. However, it affects the battery life of a phone. Fast Charging obviously means charging of battery fastly which in return generates more heat in the battery. Heat makes the battery work harder. According to an estimate, at an average temperature of 0°C, a lithium-ion smartphone battery could lose upto 6% of its maximum capacity per year. At 25°C, that number jumps to 20%, at 40°C it’s a simply exceeds a whole lots of 35% of its maximum capacity every year. So its clear by the numbers that one should clearly avoid exposing the smartphone to excessive heat. This is the reason why some phone manufacturers like Apple haven’t yet introduced Fast Charging support in their phones.

2. Charging environment: Nowadays, lot of the people charge their phones while keeping them under a pillow or in a non-ventilated area. This is turn leads to heat generation and this affects the battery in a long run. Also, people use back cover which also contributes to heating. So, one should try charging a phone in a ventilated area and without a back cover.

There are some other points we would like to talk about:

3. Performance Issues due to battery: Most of you would have experienced lag in performance of smartphones after some years. Also, in devices like laptops, the performance is much better while the laptop is connected to an AC source. This is because battery creates resistance within itself after sometime and gives out a low output to the Processor which leads to lag in performance. No matter how many applications you uninstall or how many times you format your phone, it’s still going to work slow due to low battery output.

4. Charging Batter Overnight: With the smartphones ,the charging units of smartphones have also become smart. Even if you keep your phone on charging for whole night, it won’t affect your battery as the new generation batteries drop the charge from 100% to around 90% very fast as they are designed to not stay on full charge for long. So ,the battery keeps on discharging itself from 100% and thus keeping your phone on charging overnight doesn’t affect or overcharge the battery.

At the end, we’d suggest you to keep all these points in mind as it’ll help your phones work efficiently in a long run.

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